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Senior Backend (Node.js) Software Engineer in Berlin


50,000 - €60,000
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Job Description

[] Who are we?
At TruckIN, we provide the European road freight industry with a new way to help carriers fill their trucks, freight forwarders to automate their processes, and drivers gain some control over their lives and careers. We've secured funding from the largest Trailer Manufacturer in Europe and are partnered with the biggest players in the industry.

[] Why you’d like us:
· We work tirelessly to come up with the a constant flow of great new features and fixes for the Truckin platform.
· Weekly iterations, updates from management about our status, fortnightly cross-team meetings, and employee engagement are important to us.
· We use the latest and greatest technology to bring delight to our customers, and want to add members to our team that live and breathe technology just like we do.

[] We want to hear from you:
· You have a solid computer science background, as well as knowledge building APIs.
· You have an ability and willingness to guide others, but at the same time are happy to learn the stuff you don’t know.
· We’re looking for the right individual to help us build from the ground up, and create a robust set of services to power our applications. You’ll also help us integrate and connect to our partners.
· You enjoy working with a team of dedicated, smart, humble individuals.

[] Responsibilities:
· Lead back-end architecture and implementation
· Deliver new working code every two weeks in a fast-paced, code-focused agile development environment
· Work with the rest of the engineering team to deliver new functionality
· Create elegant developer API experiences

[] Experience:
3+ years experience as a Javascript programmer
2+ years experience with Node.js
1+ years experience with relational databases
3+ years experience with mobile & web architecture
2+ API projects under your belt
· Experience with async programming, HTTP, security, caching semantics, conditional requests, TLS, Web Sockets, load-balancing

[] Extra Credit:
· You have built and managed a SaaS product from scratch to completion.
· You’ve got some significant experience in previous success and failure (“scars”), which you use to help make better decisions.
· You’ve made an obvious positive impact on the technical trajectory in your existing role.
· Redis & Elasticsearch experience.

[] Please include answers to some of these questions which you feel are important:
· Can you give as a brief overview about you, what you have done for last years, what kind of projects?
· What was the project or implementation that you felt was the most important and challenging you have been involved in?
· What log and monitoring tools have you used before? Why?
· What is “callback hell” and how can it be avoided?
· How does Node.js handle child threads?
· What is the preferred method of resolving unhandled exceptions in Node.js?
· How does Node.js support multi-processor platforms, and does it fully utilize all processor resources?
· What is typically the first argument passed to a Node.js callback handler?
· What's the event loop?
· What tools can be used to assure consistent style?
· What's a stub? Name a use case.
· What's a test pyramid? How can you implement it when talking about HTTP APIs?
· What's your favourite HTTP framework and why?
· What are the disadvantages of using JavaScript?
· Which frameworks are you most familiar with?
· Explain the differences between one-way data flow and two-way data binding.
· Are you a team player? Give an example of a time when you had to resolve a conflict with another member on your team.


So, what’s next? Get in touch, apply now, hit that button and come have a chat with us about how you can work at TruckIN. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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