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Machine Learning Developer in London


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Job Description

Job Description – 3D Developer

Location: London, United Kingdom

Who are SenSat?
SenSat maps the world 15,000 more accurately and 12,000 times quicker than traditional means. We digitally replicate places and objects in incredible detail to render them into a virtual environment, helping businesses move decision making from manual and physical to automated and digital.

Mapp is our 3D digital map technology that serves as the home for this data, giving anyone the ability to interact with the digital world through a cloud based platform. This allows us to display, assign and interact with massive amounts of data without and latency, something not possible through today’s proprietary software environments.

Awarded ‘Innovation of the Year’ by Construction News, SenSat have supported over $600m in infrastructure builds in the civil and nuclear industries.
What's it like to work at SenSat?
At SenSat we believe work facilitates life; people should concentrate on the things they find interesting and most engaging. Our team is incredibly hard working, striving to be the best whilst leading the world through digital innovation. We are well rewarded and appreciate a fun working environment.

Here’s an idea of day to day life:

- Creative office with incredible views over London (and a nice roof terrace for summer)
- Free snacks
- Free beer on tap and weekly happy hour
- Catered lunches (sometimes healthy sometimes not)
- Opportunities to travel in the US and Asia
- Exotic holidays as rewards
- Cinema perks
- Spotify premium
- Monthly SenDay, a time to work on personal projects and hear great speakers

Job Description – Machine Learning Developer

SenSat are looking for a talented Machine Learning Developer to join our team. Your role will be to build key ‘data analytics and machine learning’ solutions across the platform, your focus is within the ‘platform and scene’ components of Mapp. As a Machine Learning developer, you are responsible for creating intelligent data analytics to facilitate the implementation of a task based agent into the platform. This agent is designed to automate manual task work, fed by a sensory network in real time. You will identify, build and introduce task specific ANI's and a degree of basic cognitive interpretation with a view to implementing real world feedback through decision tree analysis.


Responsibility to manage Machine Learning development of Mapp
Oversee data analytics and ‘decision making’ algorithms whilst working alongside the wider Product team
Directly report to the CTO
Based in Moorgate, London

Key areas of focus:

Machine Learning
Data Analytics
Enhanced Decision Tree Algorithms
General functionality
Database connections

Main technologies used:

AngularJS 4.0
Node Red

Further technologies/skills required:

Front End Expertise: XHTML/CSS/JavaScript – Hand code, standards compliant, semantic, cross platform & cross device interfaces, jQuery, MooTools, Ext. JS (for web/mobile devices)
Application programming Expertise: PHP, ColdFusion, AJAX, Web Services (RSS, REST, SOAP, XML-RPC, etc.).
Advocate for the appropriate use of SAAS, design patterns, frameworks, SOA, ORM, and MVC.
Experience using gitHub and adapting open source-GIS code for application development: Django, Python, Potree,, lastools, SQL, CesiumJS, WebGL, three.js
Database Expertise: MSSQL/MySQL – Relational database design and programming, stored procedures, triggers, reporting, and administration.
Server Expertise: IIS, Apache, URL Rewrites, security, certificates, load balancing, etc.
Data analytics and Machine Learning

In the next 12 months you will:

Become an integral part of the SenSat team
Lead Machine Learning development and implementation of data analytics and autonomous agent solutions
Ensure a seamless technology solution for a seamless user experience
Oversee launches of V1.1 leading into V2.0

What to do next:

SenSat have big ambitions and joining the team will bring great pressure and great rewards. You will be joining a passionate team who are ready to grow. If you think you are up to the task, please get in contact - we are excited to hear from you.


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