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Lead/Senior PHP Developer in London

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Job Description


We are looking for you! (In case you are a PHP developer) is growing fast, and on the tech side, we need to keep the pace. For that reason, we are looking to hire motivated senior PHP developers.

We love new technologies: hence the use of PHP (cough)… At least its version 7.1. We are not afraid of testing new solutions for the problems we find in our journey, so you will be dealing with RabbitMQ for our workers, caching with Redis, Elastic Search for the lightning-fast search, or even Neo4j; amongst others.

We are moving towards a fully decoupled microservice architecture where events are class 1 citizens. We don’t really care about the language, but as we already have a PHP legacy system, PHP is desired as main language, however, we are open to having Node.js or Java microservices in the future.

Speed is really important for us (while making sure we write tests) so every feature should be as lean as possible to ship in iterative steps.


Must have

  • Symfony (3, 4, or Silex - Even Laravel).
  • Solid experience in PHP.

Nice to have

  • BsC in Computer Science.
  • Event Sourcing, CQRS and/or Hexagonal Architecture is.
  • Rabbit MQ or Kafka.
  • GraphQL.
  • Sockets.

If this sounds like your description, or you are comfident that you can master any new technology like the above, reach out! We can't wait to hear from you!



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