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Lead Frontend Developer in Paris


45,000 - €65,000
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Job Description

Are you an expert at Angular, Redux, Apollo, browser APIs, Typescript, and the rest of today’s modern frontend stack?

**If so, [Harvestr]( is what you are looking for!**

We've just closed our seed fund raising and are looking to recruit our first full time employees that will be based in Paris. As our Frontend Team Lead, you will actively work on all of our client-facing web applications that are primarily written in Typescript targeting web browser. Additionally, you will get the opportunity to recruit, mentor and manage other frontend developers.

## About your Role

Our frontend developers are responsible for all client-side code that runs in browsers. We use state-of-the-art tooling, such as Angular 8, Apollo, Graphql, boilerplate code generation tooling and full stack Typescript. We obsess about excellent code architecture, top notch UI and fluid user experience.

**Here are some example projects that we have planned during the year:**

- Building a next generation fully modular, drag an drop, filterable table component with virtual scroll and real-time collaboration
- Switching state management from Redux to Apollo
- Making full Graphql state management realtime
- Switching stack to monorepo
- Enhancing UX and security by adding new authentication methods

## **Minimum Qualifications:**

- 3+ years of applicable experience
- Experience building and delivering Angular + Redux/Apollo applications that have seen production usage
- You understand of how to write secure frontend code and are aware of common web application security vulnerabilities
- You know how to write unit tests and specs

**Preferred Qualifications:**

- Experience with GraphQL projects
- Contributions to major open source projects.

## **About Harvestr**

At Harvestr, we attach as much importance to your skills as to your personality and our first commitment is to make you grow and progress as a professional, but also as a person.

**What we do**

Harvestr is about making every company customer-centric, for real.

Our product management platform helps companies leverage customer feedback and data to build amazing digital products. Backed by talented software investors, Harvestr was built by product people for product people, and our solution is used by some of the best product teams around the world.

**A few milestones**

- Product of the day on Producthunt (21/12/2018)
- Top 4 and youngest finalists out of 300 Saas startups at Saastock 2019

## Recruitment process

- First call by visio (30minutes)
- Technical test (2-8h)
- Meet the team at Station F, Paris (2 meetings, 1h30)
- Board game with the team

About Harvestr

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