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Back-end Developer (Payment Integration, backoffice & support tools) in Valencia or Remote


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Job Description

If you love designing and integrating payment gateways, create custom tools for our internal stakeholders, and financial reporting on the most interesting industries today, at Streamloots you will be able to do it surrounded by dreamers who know how to also be relentless doers.

You will work 100% remotely, where you will decide when you work since we focus on the results and not the hours you work. Working in an international and fast-growth start-up where all the team members want to have a positive impact helping the creators to turn their passions into livelihoods.

Your mission is to ensure all the monetization capabilities are highly resilient and always provide the high-quality experience envisioning superior technical solutions to our customers’ payment needs (leading its implementation, and continuously ensuring reliable service to our customers). And delivering best-in-class custom tooling to our internal support team.

Please, check here our mission statement and values which are two fundamental components of our culture and daily routine.


In this position, you will be able to have an amazing contribution and impact in different areas:

As Backend Software Engineer:

  • Have ownership of your work, from design to deployment and operation, you will get involved in:

- Improve processes automation in areas like payments lifecycle, payouts, invoicing, recurring jobs, and data interoperability among services and platforms

- Build tools for support team and account managers so they can, in an autonomous way without a technical role dependency, access to information or perform operations like check user actions history or modify account status

- Implement product use cases so the users don’t need to contact support to have more information or perform actions by themselves.

As team member:

  • Lead the mission of the squad and impact in the company: Be the owner of some KRs, pushing them in order to have impact on the company mission, taking care of the interdependencies between squads.
  • Bring good practices to the team: Every person at the team is responsible for helping the rest to be better individually and as a team, for this reason, you will share all your knowledge and experience with the rest of the team, and also you will be open to learn and improve from others feedback.

Long story, short: How will be your first days in Streamloots?

First month: For the first few weeks we will make sure you know your impact on the team and the business, learning about the team, the business, and processes. You will put your focus on understanding the product and the code, which is a key success factor. Do not be afraid about remote onboarding (because of COVID-19).

First Quarter: Little by little, you will begin to have one on one with the CTO and Tech Lead who will take care of your professional and personal development.

To the moon: Streamloots will challenge you to grow in your impact on the company, we will work to help you enjoy yourself at work. We expect you to train and share your knowledge with others, and change Streamers Lives! :D

Job requirements

You’ll be successful in your mission if:

Experience & skills

  • 3+ years of experience as Backend Engineer
  • Significant professional experience with MongoDB and cloud environments (AWS, GCP, etc.)
  • Experienced integrating with payment processors (PayPal, Stripe, Paysafecard, Hyperwallet)
  • Strong development background in Node.js and TypeScript.
  • Experienced owning processes automation and resilient projects implementation from concept to production, including proposal, discussion, execution, and monitorization


  • A "Gamer" mindset. We expect you to become a great collaborator, a master disambiguator/simplifier, constantly pushing toward clarity and delivery.
  • Knowledge of technology trends, strategic thinking and ability to prioritize being a role model for the rest of the team.
  • Outstanding problem-solving skills and ability to deal with complexity. Proactivity and Self-Leadership are becoming key essential words in our conversations every day
  • Native or Fluent English. In the product team, marketing and every day more areas are people who are English Native. Also, it would be so much helpful if you also know Spanish.

    What we offer:

    • Open Remote Company: That means that team members will be able to work from wherever they want and that also means that we will be able to work in the office if we want to. Also means that all processes need to be thought of as if we had no office and everyone is working remotely. No one will feel an outsider, since all conversation will need to happen on slack or zoom/hangouts.
    • The Quarter meetups: Once every quarter (once COVID allows it), we will all gather in Valencia, to work altogether. We will try to make it for the week of the Company & Team KRs definition.
    • Disrupt an industry with tech and data-oriented solutions. We started 2 years ago, and now, over 40,000 streamers in more than 20 different countries have increased their revenue interacting with their fans on Streamloots. We're funded by leading global tech investors including Bessemer.
    • Competitive salary and stock option plan. We are working to align our budgets with the market and we believe that our salary packages are deeply competitive.

    If you are excited with the things that you just readed, please don't hesitate to apply to the job position

    About Streamloots New digital platforms enable creators to build audiences at scale. Whether that’s playing video games or producing video content, creators can now turn their passions into livelihoods.

    Streamloot’s mission is to help those creators to monetize their audience directly, allowing them to live doing what they love.

    Born from a simple idea of viewers interacting with their favorite streamers, Streamloots’ ambition is to create new ways of entrepreneurship helping creators become small individual corporations, and change the way we’ll think of as a “job” in the future.

    To accomplish our vision, we started focusing on Live streaming gaming creators. We turn interactions with the creators into a product that they can sell. From making the creator play blindfolded or choosing the character they are going to play, to making the influencer send you a dedicated video or dressing up as a superhero!

    We started 2 years ago, and now, over 40,000 streamers in more than 20 different countries have increased their revenue interacting with their fans on Streamloots. We're funded by leading global tech investors including Bessemer.

    At Streamloots we are looking for dreamers who know how to also be relentless doers. We believe in a company culture that comes represented through those values:

    • We are Contributors: Freedom, Responsability & Self-Leadership. We are responsible to achieve our goals and impact with our tasks and deliveries in the company. Because of that we are able to decide where and how to work. We don't think about doing things, we think about achieving things. All of us should be proud of all the things we do and what we achieve with them. (manos)
    • We are (positive) Team Players: Nothing at Streamloots is somebody else's problem. We're not only responsible for our own impact, also for the impact of our whole team. We admire our colleagues and enjoy and recognize their success. We achieve agreements in order to deliver the best result for the company, over our individual interest. We encourage other people in our team to accomplish their goals with useful and honest conversations. We believe in collaboration between teams, hierarchies and roles as a part of the same team. (montaña)
    • We are Diverse: We believe diversity is the belief that in all aspects - from gender to race to work history to life experiences- leads to better ideas and better results. We see the differences as an opportunity to learn, grow, and improve our points of view. (colores)
    • We are Learners: We think first about what depends on me in order to put the focus in "what can I do?" We enjoy having a responsibility. We ask proactively for feedback. We don't take feedback or opinions personal, it is an opportunity to grow. We are the owners of our own positive attitude, independently of what happens around. We strive to shine, not to blind the others, but to make them shine as well. We think learning is an attitude and it is an infinite process (libro)

    Open Remote

    Streamloots is an “Open-Remote company”. That means that you can work from wherever you want


    About Streamloots


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