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Job Description

If you’re here, it’s because you’re looking for an exciting ride. A ride that will fuel your ambitions and make a difference in people’s lives. At Glovo, we believe in paving the way forward together!

Not your usual app. We are the fastest-growing multi-category delivery player in Europe, Africa, and Western Asia, where we operate in +3000 cities across 25 countries. Every year, +200k merchants generate over 4B€ in sales and over 20M customers get their goods delivered in minutes.

Together we revolutionize the way people connect with their everyday needs, from delivering essentials to connecting our ecosystem of users through innovative solutions powered by technology. For us, every day is filled with purpose.

What makes our ride unique?

🤝 Our culture and strong values.

  • We have an ‘’office-first’’ culture and we place collaboration at the center of everything we do!
  • We have a non-vanilla personality and feedback mindset. We don’t shy away from difficult conversations - we see them as a gift!
  • We work with high intensity and have fun along the way. We also celebrate the wins (a lot!).
  • We celebrate diversity in all its forms and foster an inclusive culture where everyone can bring their authentic selves to work.

💪Our career development philosophy.

  • We are building a talent house of high performing teams and leaders. We invest in people who raise the bar and help others reach their full potential.
  • We take ownership of our career development. We don’t believe in linear and predictable career paths - we create the job of our dreams!
  • We embrace opportunities to move the needle and make an impact beyond our scope.

🤝Our commitment to being a force for good.

  • Our platform is an important economic tool for millions of people (customers, partners, couriers) and we are taking action to amplify our positive impact.
  • We invest in doing good by dedicating time and resources into social and environmental initiatives.
  • We have the ambition of being DIB role models across the tech industry. We are creating environments, systems, and processes that provide equal opportunities, break biases, and empower our communities.

We have a vision: To give everyone easy access to anything in their cities. And this is where your ride starts.



Hi there,

I am Dani Alonso, a newbie in the product development world. I joined Glovo 4.8 years ago to lead the groceries vertical and I recently started to lead product development as well. One of my first realizations is that we need to raise the role of User Experience in the organization.

The mission is simple: “Meet business goals by creating a unique user experience”. At Glovo we believe that we can achieve our targets with a superior user experience and despite all the pressures to be a copy-cat, we remain advocates of building something “unique” in all our apps (customer, courier and partners).

The reality is that whoever takes this role will go through a rewarding but ”painful” journey. “Pain” in the form of educating the organization on the role of UX, being challenged to go faster to catch up with competitors, being challenged to lower quality on behalf of pragmatism,... The Reward is on impacting millions of users who interact on a daily basis and being able to create distinction by solving problems in another way. I’ll support you on this journey, but this will not alleviate how intense it will be.

As Ernest Shackleton said “Men Wanted for hazardous journey, small wages, bitter cold, long months of complete darkness, constant danger, safe return doubtful, honor and recognition in case of success”. The quote explains perfectly our context. The only change is that where he said “Men”, I say “Anyone”.


When it comes to profile, I am looking for a HANDS-ON UX Leader who is responsible for the entire UX organisation at Glovo. This includes the design and research team across our 3 users: Partners, Users, and Couriers. Being more specific, these are the skills I look for:

  • You design. You contribute with your own hands to solve the most complex problems.
  • You raise the role of UX in the organization by influencing all senior executives.
  • You are so passionate about design and research that you obsess over small details and want to participate in all design discussions. Your team actually enjoys it because you add lots of value to the discussions.
  • You drive your team to never be the bottleneck of product development and advocate for the needed processes and changes to maximize its impact
  • You take the growth of your team as a personal goal, you are a passionate and challenging mentor who drives your team to perform excellence.
  • Very strong written and oral communicator to inspire your team and influence the UX.
  • Hard worker, which at Glovo means going the extra-mile always, zero tolerance with no progress on critical fronts, availability when needed, thoroughly reviewing our work and a “never settle” mindset.

The role is 100% based in Barcelona, with at least 3 days in the office every week.

Individuals representing diverse profiles, encompassing various genders, ethnicities, and backgrounds, are less likely to apply for this role if they do not possess solid experience in 100% of these areas. Even if it seems you don't meet our musts don't let it stop you, we are all about finding the best talent out there! Skills can be learned, and embracing diversity is invaluable.

We believe driven talent deserves:

  • 🍔 Monthly Glovo credit to satisfy your cravings with zero delivery fees on all Glovo orders!
  • 🏊 Discounted gym memberships to keep you energized.
  • 🏖️ Extra time off, the freedom to work from home two days a week, and the opportunity to work from anywhere for up to three weeks a year!
  • 👪 Enhanced parental leave, and office-based nursery.
  • 🧠 Online therapy and wellbeing benefits to ensure your mental well-being.

Here in Glovo, we thrive on diversity, we believe it enhances our teams, products, and culture. We know that the best ideas come from a mashup of brilliant diverse minds. This is why we are committed to providing equal opportunities to talent from all backgrounds - all genders, racial/diverse backgrounds, abilities, ages, sexual orientations and all other unique characteristics that make you YOU. We will encourage you to bring your authentic self to work, fostering an inclusive environment where everyone feels heard.

Feel free to note your pronouns in your application (e.g., she/her/hers, he/him/his, they/them/theirs, etc).

So, ready to take the wheel and make this the ride of your life?


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