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Crema Games

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Job Description

Crema is looking for a creative and experienced VFX Artist to join our Temtem team at our offices in Madrid. The candidate for this position needs to demonstrate experience with real-time visual effects as well as show interest in emerging trends in this field. As a VFX Artist, you will be responsible for creating prominent visual effects in a timely and professional manner.


  • Create high quality real-time visual FX for Temtem techniques, environments, and gameplay.
  • Optimizing visual effects for performance while maintaining high-quality standards.
  • Working closely with other departments while creating and implementing VFX assets.


Skills & Requirements

  • VFX Portfolio focused in Videogames.
  • Demonstrable experience in VFX creation with Unity.
  • Knowledge of geometry modeling with VFX purposes (3DS Max, Maya or other 3D modeling applications).
  • Good knowledge of mapping (UVW) and proper use in effects.
  • Experience in creating stylized particles of different types (Fire, Frost, Water, Nature, Light, Digital, etc …)
  • Fundamental understanding of animation, timing, and weights to apply to VFX.
  • Ability to transform an effect from concept to engine in real time (Unity).



  • Advanced knowledge of Photoshop for the creation of stylized Sprites
  • Experience creating and optimizing Shaders.
  • Knowledge of Rigging (Basic).


About Crema:

Crema was formed in 2009 where we began developing for mobile platforms. Instant Buttons was our first app which to date has surpassed 20 million downloads. The company was then incorporated in 2012 and our focus shifted to making top quality mobile games, creating several games featured by Apple and both publicly and critically well-received.

Following this mobile-oriented journey, we focused on PC and console development with Immortal Redneck being our debut title on these platforms. Temtem is our latest addition to our catalog, and with it, we’re opening up our development process by creating a successful Kickstarter campaign and involving the community during the process.

Further information:

  • Shorter workday (7h/day, 08:00 – 15:00).
  • We offer up to 36 paid vacation days per year. Every full-time employee is offered 22 paid vacation days per year, including 14 paid Spanish bank holidays (12 national and 2 local).
  • Relaxed working atmosphere.
  • Candidates who apply for the offer job must send a VFX Reel

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