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We strongly believe that the IT recruitment industry is broken and needs a complete redefinition. 

As it is now, the industry works by obscurity, not showing all options to candidates, creating fake job offers to raise genuine interest and spamming software engineers all day long for the sake of an inflated recruitment fee.

For companies it's not any better. It's a sharks ocean were companies better keep the sharks fed or they run the risk of being bitten.

We are building JobsBCN to change how people find the perfect company for them by taking a software engineering approach: JobsBCN is built by engineers and it's for engineers. We use data algorithms to match people with companies they're the best technical fit for, making the search process more efficient. But, we also add a unique human touch to the process.


You'll be responsible for spending time helping software engineers through their job search process to find the company they'll be happiest at. You'll get help from the software we've built, which automatically learns what our engineering candidates are looking for in their next company and uses this information to make personalized company recommendations. You'll be helping them get ready for interviews, and staying in touch with them throughout the process.

Having familiarity with technologies being used at tech startups is a must. Experience in recruiting is also needed. We take a data driven approach to everything we do, being analytical and/or having an analytical background would be a bonus.

English, Spanish written and spoken is a must. Catalan is highly desirable.

Last but not least, IT recruitment industry it's a sharks ocean. We at JobsBCN are dolphins, not sharks. It is really important that anyone joining our team understands and agrees with this statement.


The role requires a lot of context switching and multi-tasking. You have to be super organized and detail orientated. It'll help to have a genuine interest in people, since you'll be talking with a lot of them (either companies or candidates). 

Things can also change very quickly during a job search process as new offers come in and you'll need to help our candidates navigate this and make the best possible choice for them.

JobsBCN is a startup and we expect you to be highly autonomous and have an entrepreneurial approach to problems.


  • Talking to our engineering candidate audience and learning about their motivation and what they're looking to achieve in their career. You'll use this information to identify which types of companies they'll be most excited about.
  • Managing each candidate's scheduling, making sure they're set up to meet companies and things are moving along smoothly.
  • Proving support and advice to candidates throughout the process, especially as they interview at companies.
  • Contributing ideas on how we can improve the candidate experience and process.


  • We're working on a problem that has both a clear business model and big positive impact on the industry.
  • The product is working. Our biggest constraint is scaling our process to keep up with the inbound applications we're getting from engineers.


About JobFluent

  • Job Board

  • Barcelona, Spain

  • 1-9 employees

  • 2015

JobsFluent is the leading IT job board in the city of Barcelona. Ready to take over the recruiting industry and expand to other cities in Europe soon.

We are a small and agile team working from a "garage" in Barcelona Eixample neighborhood. Want to join?

Caption: the team celebrating its first users in mid 2015

Official website, founding date, employees, how did it all begin... Do you know the whole story?

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