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Systems Engineer in Amsterdam


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Job Description

Never a dull day at Mollie. We are expanding quickly and with our growth come ballooning databases, cron jobs that suddenly take forever and bigger and more demanding development teams. Stuff that worked fine yesteryear no longer works in the world of today and needs to be improved, refactored or replaced all together. Change is a given.

All this is going on, and at the same time we need to keep our applications available to our high demanding merchants and our daily operations churning. We need to be resistant to failure of any kind. Our customers are waiting on their money and they are impatient.

Mollie just started using Docker and Kubernetes, we are in the process of splitting our monoliths into smaller micro services. Continuous integration keeps us sane, but as test counts grow so does build time and we want to keep moving fast. So we need you to help us find solutions.

If you can make a common operation easier or faster for our developers, your efforts will be magnified twentyfold. It's all about automation, if you can silently prevent a problem that would have twenty skilled developers sitting on their hands or running around screaming, eternal DevOps glory shall be yours.

Security is paramount in our organization, we aim to educate. Did Vault7 impact our employees?

You will work in the Operations team. The team consists of experienced developers who have seen it all, and yet are still learning. We use code reviews and continuous integration to ensure reliability of our applications and fast personal growth of team members. You will deal with growth, supplier outages, security events such as Cloudbleed and will work on our tools.

Mollie briefly explained

Tinkering, disruption, and inclusivity are Mollie core values. In the first few years of existence, Mollie was a developer-only endeavour, and 14 years later devs and techs still comprise roughly 35% of all staff. As a natural consequence, a lot of things that enterprise businesses or pretend-to-be-start-ups are trying too hard to mimic, come quite natural to Mollie.

Obvious things. Like you pick whatever tools you want to use to get the job done. MacBooks, absurdly large or many screens, top-notch noise-cancelling headphones and whatever other equipment makes your nerd-boat float. We go to great lengths to create a space that allows you to focus on the things that will make you happy: shipping great features you helped dream up and build.

But also less obvious things. Like we take pride in diversity and encourage you to be you. Invite you to influence the product with fresh ideas, to be a crafts(wo)man producing beautiful code, to focus on skills you want to improve, to enjoy flexible employment and really take part. We invite you to focus on quality. Quality of both yourself and the product. Mollie boasts a next to flat organigram with as little hierarchy as we can get away with. And did we mention the fresh lunches prepared by our very own chef? Not only is lunch on the house, we even continue to pay you while you enjoy it.

Desired skills and experience

  • Your skills in the SysOps or DevOps domain: Docker & Kubernetes, PHP, MySQL DBA, experience with the tools for continuous integration or continuous deployment of (PHP) applications.
  • Excellent debugging skills and the ability to oversee multiple moving components.
  • Experience refactoring parts of large applications.
  • You don’t mind fixing bugs yourself or churning our new features.
  • Some experience dealing with high traffic sites is appreciated.

What do you get?

  • Excellent employment terms, including competitive salary.

  • 25 days of annual leave.

  • A position in a unique, young and fast growing fin-tech company.

  • Autonomy to develop solutions and implement them.

  • Best possible tech setup that you need to do your job.

  • Apple Macbook you can take home.

  • Freedom and flexibility.

  • Daily fresh lunches.

  • Friday afternoon drinks.

Our selection procedure in a nutshell:

Apply by clicking the button below. The more you share about yourself and the reason you apply at Mollie, the better!

Let's first have a 'coffee chat' to introduce Mollie, the role and get to know you. This can be at our office, but this could also be via phone, Hangouts or Skype.

During the interview phase (of max. two rounds), we'll inform you as soon as we've decided whether we'd like to proceed with you.

The interview phase may include a technical assignment to test your technical merits.


About Mollie

  • Fintech

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