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Software Engineer in Paris


55,000 - €70,000
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Job Description

⭐️ Who we are ⭐️

Equify is on a mission to fix how European enterprises manage equity and stockholders.

In the digital age we live in, organisation are still wasting time and energy heavily relying on paper and Excel files to manage equity in a profoundly inefficient way. Not because they like it, not because of the law, but simply because there is no better alternative.

We are building an equity management platform from scratch and we aim to become the industry standard, THE tool every CFO uses to tackle their legal paperwork burden​.

We are digitizing a field that touches virtually every company out there, and equity is just the beginning.

We make equity management easy, efficient, and transparent leveraging technology, elegant design, and world-class customer support.

⭐️ The Engineering team ⭐️

The Engineering team at Equify is responsible for building the infrastructure and the application to deliver a crisp experience to our users, companies, and even ourselves!

Engineers are strongly involved in the design process to solve compromises and find opportunities that technology enables.

The team also has the very important role of keeping security and privacy above everything else. We deal with very sensitive data which means:

● it can never leak to the wrong person
● it has to be right to the decimal every time

⭐️ Challenges ⭐️

● Mapping a very intricate system -Equity- into a solid data-model that can withstand the legal-framework of multiple countries

● Crunching tons of data and deliver it to our users in a fast, reliable, and comprehensive manner every time

● Constantly improve our CI-CD pipeline to further speed-up development time and maintain reliability at a high standard

● Always have privacy as the top priority, embrace it while developing a feature, and bring new ideas to the table

● Research, pitch to the team, and work on innovative tech solutions to solve hard problems

⭐️ The stack ⭐️

● API: GraphQL
● Frontend: React and Apollo
● Backend: Node, Apollo, Algolia, Postgres, Redis, RabbitMQ
● CI / CD: Github, CircleCI, Codecov, Heroku, Netlify

⭐️ What will you be doing? ⭐️

● Lead projects right from the start, own the entire pipeline, and work in harmony with product and sale
● Be proactive: pitch your ideas, architecture improvements, and product features to the rest of the team and work on what matters for you
● Introduce best practices in the project and make the call on technical decisions
● Transparent tech ladder, clear objectives, you are in control of your success
● Collaborate in an agile environment

⭐️ You ⭐️

● Believe in our mission and have the entrepreneurial mindset to bring it to life
● 3+ years of industry experience in full-stack web applications
● Proficient with modern javascript standards and tooling
● Willingness to learn a lot of new things in a fast-paced environment
● Located in Paris

⭐️ Perks ⭐️

● A fulfilling work experience with a vibrating mission
● Competitive equity package on top of your salary
● Superb offices located in the heart of Paris
● Flexible and remote-friendly work environment
● Alan for healthcare and Lunchr for lunches
● And much more!

⭐️ Recruitment process ⭐️

📝 Apply: let us know about your past experiences, show us what you've built!
☎️ Screening: 30 min vision to answer your first questions and help you figure out if Equify is for you.
🤩 Interview: 45 mins - 1 hour at our offices to get to know each other, tell you more about Equify, and understand your motivations and ambition.
✅ Ref checks: We conduct at least 3 ref checks from your previous experiences. This way we can better understand you and prepare your arrival from people who spent more time with you than we have.
🧠 Technical interview: 45 mins - 1 hour at our offices where we go through a range of programmatic challenges to showcase your ability to solve problems.
🎤 Meeting with the CEO to answer any other questions you might have and finalize compensation package.
🍺 Meet the rest of the team!

About Equify

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