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Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) in Barcelona


Est. Salary
35,000 - €50,000
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Job Description

It’s not for everyone, being you. A lot of an organization's success depends on you. But while for you it is just another day at the office others might call it destiny and the urge to be something greater. A calling that you should be the gatekeeper (of the platform), the bringer of sun (because uptime is guaranteed) and a guardian of the galaxy (what you work on is in a cloud... somewhere... right?)

But you have taken the calling to be a jack of all trades and with your experience from coding to maintaining a system, improving, breaking the infrastructure you are now a true Site Reliability Engineer.

But we can all agree... It’s not for everyone to do what you are doing!

Your mission?

Rock the boat while keeping uptime, improving the platform with nitty gritty solutions, improve communications across the company and in general be that awesome magician you consider yourself to be!” (But don’t kiss and tell, because nobody likes a big ego ;D)

For that you will work on:

  • Coding: improve + maintain enhances the stability! (Reactive and pro active)
  • Enhancing our security, reliability and scalability... (Am if forgetting some ...ity word here?)
  • Our monitoring / logging / alerting / automation to support other teams
  • Our entire AWS infrastructure and continuously improve it so it is running 24/7
  • Take complete ownership on the CloudFormation template
  • Work together in a cool team with Cristian, Maxim, Tommy and Simone!
  • Day to day incident management, and make that weekly, then monthly
  • Propose and work on general improvements (or proposals) in automation and tooling to further stabilize the API infrastructure
  • Breaking things, but then improve it!
  • Admit when you are wrong and ask for help, because what can I say, sometimes “your judgement is cloudy”

Current projects related to: memory leaks / Research into how best use Kubernetes / AWS architecture improvements / virus scanning and overall security / ..much more...

You are the person that has...

...a great way of dealing with challenges and gives it all to make us and yourself better. That means:

  • Deep knowledge of AWS (and managing microservices ECS clusters)
  • Coding and scripting skills (we have a .NET Core environment with microservices and Azure DevOps
  • Terraform expeience
  • Docker and Kubernetes (ever seen the implementation of the latter?)
  • IaC / CI/CD pipeline management (with Jenkins, AzureDevOps or other)
  • CloudFormation
  • Cheering for the DevOps way of working
  • In the ‘would be nice to have section:’ Prometheus or Grafana / Python
  • And preferably some experience with PagerDuty (and being on-call).

You are a solid engineer and have proven yourself as a jack of all trades. You are up to date with your skills in monitoring, logging among others and have in depth experience with - and knowledge about – most of the things mentioned above.

While we don’t really care about the amount of years you have worked, we do think that the best fit for you and us is when you have between 4 – 8 years of experience in the field within DevOps / SRE / Platform or as a developer etc... And since we are an international scale-up with multiple locations English is key!

<<<for this role we will not relocate people outside of EU (not offering sponsorship) and we prefer a person that is in Barcelona already>>>


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