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Senior TypeScript full-stack Developer in Barcelona


30,000 - €40,000
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Job Description

We’re looking for people ready to create and maintain thrilling projects of national and International scope. We're very flexible so this position can be remote too.

Worldcoo is a social-BCorp startup, we’re on the top 5 growth ranking at Spain in 2019 (TNW

Our day to day it’s all about helping NGO’s all over the world to get their projects funded. Because of this, we have an advanced stack in place that allows to redirect donations all over the world to help the projects that need it.

For our expansion, we need people capable of elevating even more the excellency and availability of our service and products, looking for people with capacity of take on some of our existing projects as well as create new ones.

Our stack is NodeJS based, from the Backend to the Frontend (Angular2). We’re using a micro-service architecture based on AWS, and serverless oriented.

This is what we need:

- Solid experience developing projects end-to-end, all sizes.

- Personal/side projects will be very welcomed.

- You are an autonomous person, capable to deliver good quality code, well-structured within the reasonable timeframe set. This includes obviously, unit testing, integration testing and so on…

- Experience in TypeScript, working on the backend as well as the frontend (Full-stack).
- Experience with AWS (Lambda, API Gateway, VPC, EC2…).

- You’re a team player, this is essential!

How does it look like for the first months?

After the first month...

- You've understood the overall architecture.

- You've implemented your first tasks (features of bugfixes), and reduced tech debt in the short term.

- You've understood our development process.

- You've improved the development environment (based on Serverless).

- You know our main git repos, and where to commit each piece of code.

- You've made at least 4 or 6 deployments to prod.

- You feel confident enough to tackle bigger and more complex challenges.

After your first three months...

- You were able to decide which parts need to be refactored, and which ones can stay for a few months more.

- You've made your first architectural decisions.

- You've implemented a new API analytics system to collect metrics and control our customers' use of the API and allow us to make decisions based on actual usage data.

- You've made at least one deploy every 2 or 3 days.

After your first nine months...

- The architecture has changed a lot: more resilient, better monitoring, more scalable... thanks to your contribution and decisions!
- Our background processing system is simpler and more resilient.

- You've achieved a Continous Delivery model: when a branch hits master, it will be deployed right away.

- You've improved the development process: better task tracking, better branching, better documentation process...

- You're the mentor of the new team member in terms of API development best practices.

- You're able to breakdown the tasks required to implement new features: identify dependencies and the critical path for the implementation.

What we offer:

- A remuneration based on the experience you provide.

- Very high work flexibility, telework included.

- Not only to be part of the team, but to make decisions and have visibility of the entire platform.

- Offices within 2 minutes of FGC Gràcia and Diagonal subway, without dress code and with an ideal terrace for the Summer.

- Be part of all the activities we carry out as a team throughout the year.

- As a good startup, we also have free coffee and fruit in the office, and a gym available just next to the office.

About Worldcoo

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