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Senior Software Engineer in Barcelona

Voxel Group

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Job Description

Building happy workplaces is our final purpose at Voxel, and we are glad of having been awarded as a great place to work for two consecutive years.

We have a solid culture shared by all voxelians, with more than 23 different nationalities in an environment where we are encouraged to be ourselves by creating, innovating and failing for greater success as real #challegemaniacs. We love what we do, but most importantly; we love how we do it! We are #ChangeLovers because we believe there are many ways to reach perfection and we want to explore them all! Undoubtedly, the means are creating shared knowledge spaces, where we grow together as #FuntasticTeamPlayers. In addition, we love human relations and we believe our happiness can be extended beyond voxel to our partners and clients. This is all about being #PeopleFreaks; excellent good people having fun while doing what they are brilliant at 😉

On top of this, you can choose working from home or coming to the office. Wait! You love the sea? Great, because we are located 800m away from the beach…our magic recipe! 😉

And, by the way…we offer solutions in eBilling, ePayments and supply chain via baVel platform, and we open new opportunities for corporates in VAT reclaim through DevoluIVA.


How we do that?

We’re currently organised in eight teams of 8 developers max. Each team has a Product Analyst and a Team Coach. We try to give teams the maximum possible autonomy, letting them decide the best approach to deliver working software. We follow the XP principles as much as we can: we pair-program, practice continuous integration and continuous delivery, TDD, collective code ownership, and so on. But most importantly, we reflect on these practices, and we try to improve them and the way we work day by day.

Our current stack is based on the .NET platform, with many flavours. We have projects using from .NET Framework 4.6.1 to .NET Core 5. We have websites using ASP MVC, ASP .NET Core MVC and Angular 10. We have APIs and Web Services (yes, using WCF).

At the moment, we deploy almost everything on-premise, and we’re making the journey to automating everything using Infrastructure as Code.

We don’t need you to be an expert on all these technologies. We value your willingness to learn and to improve, so we don’t care if you have a different background, as long as you’re OK about learning new things.

We have an established growth plan and a mentoring program. We also have various communities of practice, so you can speed up your learning as much as you want.

As a Senior Software Engineer, we expect you to be a leader in your team. Someone who is trusted by her partners and by people in other teams and areas. We expect you to be technically proficient and, even more importantly, an excellent team player. We want you to help us deliver outstanding products while improving our existing codebase, methodology and practices.

In one month, you’ll be learning your team’s codebase and understanding our business by doing pair programming and mob programming sessions. You’ll write tests, improve the codebase, ship new features and deploy several times to production. You’ll hopefully be asking lots of questions.

In three months, you’ll be much proficient in your team’s codebase. You’ll propose changes and lead some of the discussions inside the team. You’ll start taking a look at the whole picture and understanding what other teams are doing and thinking about how we can improve the way we do things together.

In 6 months, you’ll be optimising the way your team works. You’ll constantly be thinking about doing things better, not just in your team but also as an organisation. You´ll go to meetings with the product and business teams, and you’ll propose solutions to complex problems that span multiple teams. You’ll be involved in implementing the technology strategy of Voxel that will allow us to scale.


More reasons to join our team?

  • Indefinite contract
  • Flexible working conditions
  • Flexible remuneration
  • Andjoy – Flexible gym
  • Yoga, stretching and core classes
  • Thai massages, physiotherapy, osteopathy…
  • Life coaching
  • Health insurance
  • Amazing environment even in remote conditions!


If everything above rings your bell, let’s meet with the people team for a coffee!

And in case you loved the job offer but it’s not the one for you, you might have a friend that would fit perfectly well. And why don’t you check for other vacancies? 😉

Diversity and inclusion is part of DNA, not only because we have presence in more than 60 countries but also because it is an obvious principle for us. At Voxel we are committed to equal employment opportunity regardless of race, colour, ancestry, religion, sex, national.


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