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Senior Machine Learning Engineer in Berlin


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Job Description

We are looking for a Senior Machine Learning Engineer that will help us build the intelligence behind our systems. You will apply the latest machine learning algorithms to improve the lives of people and to help doctors in their diagnosis.

You will play a leading role in every part of our machine learning lifecycle: from the initial research to the production-level implementation, from discussing long-term goals, to making post-release micro-improvements.

You will work closely with our iOS and backend teams to implement every solution fast and smoothly. You are able to navigate yourself quickly through the sea of machine learning literature, keeping our concrete goals as a compass. You will decide the best model for every problem, and will be keen to implement that in practice. You are able to explain your choices at any level of detail, from discussing the activation function of your neural network convolutional layer to the most accessible explanation of your goals and results.

You are comfortable with designing experiments and evaluating your results empirically. You know every trick in the book for Python development, and are able to dance with the latest cloud and virtualization platforms.


You can build a model of reality, validate it, and quantify your errors. You enjoy what you do and want to work with people who share your passion. You want to apply your knowledge to digitalize healthcare.

- You have a strong analytical and quantitative background.
- You have experience with researching, data science modeling, or engineering in the aforementioned domains.
- You have experience with statistics, machine learning, classification and regression.
- You are keen about software engineering best practices.
- You can take a project from idea to experiment, to prototype, to implementation.
- You have experience with the most up-to-date libraries and tools for data analysis and machine learning in Python.
- You know how to fine-tune your hyperparameters, optimize the results, and eventually optimize the performance.
- Experience working with mobile sensors is a plus.
- Experience with human activity recognition or with digital health problems is definitely a plus.


This is an exciting opportunity to join a highly motivated, interdisciplinary team with backgrounds in machine learning, software development, medicine and business. You will benefit from a communicative, stimulating, and inspiring environment. We offer a competitive salary and equity options. We do work that matters, join our journey!


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