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Senior iOS Developer in London


55,000 - €90,000
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Job Description

About Tide

Tide is about doing what you love. We believe the world would be a better place if more people gave it a shot. We’re building a business current account that gives time back to those who work for themselves, so they can get back to doing what they love.

Our members have a fully-functioning account in 5 minutes. It gives them an integrated set of all the financial services they need to run their business in a mobile and desktop environment.

Tide launched in January 2017 and in July, announced $14m funding from leading venture capital firms (Anthemis, Creandum, LocalGlobe and Passion) and industry insiders. We have grown extremely fast since launch and have ambitions to sign 50m businesses up, over the coming years, across the world. More significantly, we have the privilege of progressing a mission which is genuinely important for the world.

The Team

Tide's mobile engineering teams will develop and maintain the mobile apps which Tide's customers will interact with and depend on every day to manage their business finances. These apps are the public face of the business and as such need to embody many of our core values - they must be fast, secure, dependable, modern, and above all, helpful. We are mobile-first in everything we do.

We're an agile business with a clear long-term roadmap. Requirements change as we learn from how our products interact with the market and we believe in adapting quickly, learning by doing, and being willing to be wrong once in awhile. We are a small team of highly capable people who believe passionately in the problem we are solving, collaborate closely with direct feedback, and encourage action over deliberation.

You will enjoy working in a fast paced, interdisciplinary, agile environment, where you can work with very smart people, and improve your skillset working on interesting challenges. It’s also important to be pragmatic in a start-up environment, and to understand that a great working solution is preferable to a perfect one, and to know when to tackle the next task.

Essential Experience and Skills

- Four or more years of iOS development experience.
- Swift and ObjC.
- Thorough knowledge of Objective C / Swift, and recent iOS SDKs.
- Experience integrating with third party RESTful APIs, and associated libraries.
- Unit testing.
- A good understanding of the application development lifecycle.
- Experience in code reviewing.
- Version control with GIT.
- Mentoring less experienced developers.


- TDD / BDD.
- UI Testing
- Worked in an Agile / Scrum environment.
- Technical degree.


Our interview process consists of an initial phone/video screen, a take home test, and an on-site interview with a selection of employees from across the business. All going well, we’ll also schedule a video call with George, our CEO.

No psychometric tests, 6 face to face interviews or whiteboard coding sessions! We’ve streamlined our process to be as efficient as possible and to test the relevant skills for your prospective job.


About Tide

  • Fintech

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