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Senior Fullstack Engineer in Madrid


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Job Description

What will you be doing?

At Ontruck, we are building products that solve a real problem in our current society: lack of efficiency in the road freight transport industry.

You, as an Engineer, will be responsible to make every peace connected: from architecture and scalability to all the way through in order to create awesome product experiences by working full-stack.

This cross functional role will give you the opportunity collaborate with Engineers, Product and Business using lean methodologies. Therefore, you will get involved early in the design process, you will make an impact helping to decide what we build and how we build it.

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Your profile

  • You're not afraid of tough challenges, both product-wise and technical, and like to contribute your views.
  • You master the web platform, having built both server APIs as well as powerful frontend clients. You like both designing the architecture and coding
  • You care about the product you're building and the problem you're solving, not just about the technology you're using. You take pride in choosing the best technical solution for a problem by taking all constraints into account, instead of chasing the latest shiny not-ready-for-production technology for the sake of it
  • You appreciate modern development techniques such as code reviews, pair programming, high-coverage testing and automating things. You are polite when reviewing other people's work and take it well when you get feedback on yours.
  • You enjoy working in a team. You are able to take into account other peoples’ solutions and proposals as well as pitch your ideas to your colleagues.
  • You master both JavaScript and at least one backend language, and have some knowledge of others. You must be comfortable working with both relational and nonrelational databases, both directly and using a ORM
  • You have a degree (self-learned might work) in something like math, engineering or physics and you have significant knowledge in computer science, networks, algorithms, data structures and design patterns

About our stack

  • We have a decoupled architecture, based on REST APIs and asynchronous services. We work with React in the frontend platforms (customers and admin), native in mobile apps (truck drivers), Python/Django in the transactional backend and Elixir for real-time functional needs. Our DB is PostgreSQL and the queues run on RabbitMQ.
  • We use a dedicated ERP to avoid reinventing the wheel there and we also have built a DWH/Analytics platform which takes advantage of external solutions.


Other relevant information

  • Opportunities for personal growth and learning, every single day.
  • A flat, laid-back culture. Everybody is encouraged to participate in discussions and contribute.
  • High-trust environment. We believe in giving autonomy to all our employees.
  • Competitive salaries and stock options packages. We want everyone to have ownership and participate in company success.
  • An awesome office in central Madrid (Sol). We are easily accessible by public transport, as well as close to public bike stations.We believe in face-to-face communication so there is no remote work, wfh occasionally is not a problem.
  • Flexible working hours. You can organize your schedule.


About Ontruck

  • Logistics

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