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Senior Fullstack Developer in Barcelona


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Job Description

At Typeform, our vision is clear: make things a little more human. How? By helping makers and creators collect data in a conversational way. It’s more than building beautiful forms and surveys.

Now about you. You’ll join our Discover team. What does that mean? Well, how do people discover Typeform? What do they experience? What’s their first impression?

The team is responsible for hitting critical business goals like signups and conversions. Our public web properties are the entry-point for new Typeform customers.

You’ll focus your skills on the following areas:

1. Develop the public web properties

2. Develop product integrations

3. Experiment like a mad scientist

“We came together just four months ago, and bonded immediately. In that short time we built Typeform’s first Developer Portal and improved the public web properties, making an impressive impact on business value.” ~Anthony, Engineering Manager

You’ll form part of an Agile, cross-functional team focusing on the public site, blog, and Help Center. You’ll work with our Marketing team to increase signups through strategic campaigns, and our Customer Success team to tackle churn by optimizing the Help Center.

You’ll also create inbound integrations, develop and support plugins to help people discover Typeform, and enable existing users to get the most out of Typeform in other platforms.

Finally, you’ll innovate with conversational data collection through technical and UX data-driven experiments.

Ready to make a great first impression?

The Role

We need you to:

  • Build prototypes and MVPs to innovate quickly and effectively.
  • Collaborate with other teams to boost signups and chop down churn.
  • Create integrations and develop plugins.
  • Make pragmatic design and architectural decisions balancing business value, technical debt, effort, and complexity.
  • Inspire users to discover new use cases for Typeform.
  • Eat tacos and escape from rooms (dev hard, play hard).


Can you check off all these things?

  • You know loads about one of the technologies in our current tech stack: PHP, Node, and/or React.
  • You write unit and integration tests, and understand quality is everyone's responsibility.
  • You’re all about the team.
  • You communicate well and you can work with multiple stakeholders.
  • You have experience with Agile methodologies and value continuous delivery.
  • You’ve got an entrepreneurial spirit.

And if you can check of these things you’d really bowl us over:

  • You’ve led, mentored, or coached developers.
  • You’ve got experience estimating and planning web development projects.
  • You’ve delivered design-led, creative projects.
  • You know about infrastructure, modern deployment, or CI strategies like Docker.


About Typeform

  • Saa S

  • Barcelona, Spain

  • 50-100 employees

  • 2012

Typeform is a cloud based application that is reinventing the way users create and respond to surveys and other types of forms, by making the process more user-friendly and engaging for both creators and end users.

Official website, founding date, employees, how did it all begin... Do you know the whole story?

Tell Us!

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