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Senior Distributed Systems Engineer in Barcelona


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Job Description

Every decision in Skyscanner is driven by complete, timely and accurate data delivering real-time value to our business, our partners and millions of users worldwide.

The challenges our Engineers face are vast in scale, complex and huge in impact. There is a real variety of exciting opportunities across areas including Personalization Services, Partner Services, Real time accuracy, Automation and Delivery at Scale to name a few

We continually gather billions of travel-related data events every day and that is why we use leading edge large-scale distributed data systems. To complement this, we use a wide range of analytical and data processing tools to operate an end-to-end data platform.

We are looking for engineers with proven success working in data processing at scale in a Distributed Systems Environment with Terabytes, and even Petabytes, of continuous data.

 We can offer you:

  • Huge potential to impact across our business, people, partners and millions of users
  • Ownership – the freedom and space to be trusted to do what you do best and to make decisions that matter
  • A real opportunity to explore & experiment – developing new & improving current features & systems
  • An excellent career move – complexity, challenge and real variety

What do you need to apply?

We broadly distinguish profiles as more oriented towards data processing or towards systems design and implementation, although they typically overlap.

  • Professional experience in a web economy organisation (or another highly scalable technical environment e.g. streaming, messaging)
  • Strong theoretical and practical understanding of cloud computing and networking
  • Experience on statistical analysis and/or machine learning is a plus

Data engineer’s positions

  • Evidence of Data Processing at Scale – designing, developing and continually improving tools
  • Experience in any of the following areas is a bonus – APIs, Personalisation (classifiers, recommendation & prediction services), automation

Platform engineer’s positions

  • Experience designing, developing, testing and continually improving tools which deliver scalable and effective data infrastructure systems
  • Evidence of delivering continual improvements in availability, scalability, monitoring, concurrency, fault tolerance, latency, automation and related areas
  • Cloud native system design
  • 100+ node distributed system design

Developer Enablement positions

  • Evidence of automation at scale – designing, developing, and continually improving tooling and services for an agile, Cloud native engineering organisation
  • Experience in any of the following areas is a bonus – API design/development, metrics driven blue/green deployment, CI/CD, micro-service frameworks, container scheduling/clustering, container based tool chains, cloud native system design


Our tech stack includes (but isn’t limited to):

  • Java, Python, Scala
  • Open source data processing technologies such as Kafka, Samza, Spark, Mesos, Storm, Hadoop, HDFS
  • AWS (S3, EC2, ECS, Lambda, EMR, DynamoDB, Cloudformation, RedShift), Docker,  Elastic Search, Logstash Heka, Kibana, , PostgreSQL, PostGIS, OpenTSDB,, Protocol Buffers, Thrift, Parquet, Ansible


About Skyscanner

  • Travel

  • Edinburgh

  • 500-1000 employees

  • 2001

Skyscanner is a global search engine that enables people to find comparisons for flights, hotels and car hire. The service is free to users and directs you to the airline, hotel, car hire provider or travel agency to complete the booking process. It has over 50 million users a month.

  • - ‘Skyscanner University’ offers a range of courses for tech and business topics.
  • - At Skyscanner there’s no clocking in and there’s no bell at the end of the day, they prefer to give you the freedom and autonomy to do your job, add value and own your work.
  • - Better than average annual leave in all office locations.
  • - There’s enhanced maternity and paternity leave and a flexible working policy to encourage and enable a healthy work-life balance.

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