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Senior Developer in Barcelona


40,000 - €50,000
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Job Description

NoviCap helps small businesses make payroll by giving them a cash advance for work already performed and invoiced.

We are a meritocratic organization where ideas flow freely and are judged on merit. You can make a huge impact in any area of the organization as great ideas are adopted and applied as soon as possible.

We care about making our customers happy and build a great company together. In order to make sure we all agree on what is best for the company, we are very transparent with our numbers and regularly present board decks to the entire company. We also share meeting notes of the weekly management meeting. We have dashboards hanging in the office that display our key metrics so everybody knows how we are doing at all times.

If you want to work in an environment with zero politics and where data carries the day, then you will love this.

We apply automation as much as possible and have built a risk underwriting model using machine learning, a sophisticated pricing model, documentation verification and an automatic trading system.

Currently our efforts are focused on automating banking actions (wiring funds, reconciling funds, ...) and building out our fraud detection model.

Skills & Requirements

We are looking for great engineers who find joy in a well-designed system, clean code, lots of tests, clean git commit histories, code review, whiteboarding and shipping often.

You must have deep working knowledge of at least one modern language (ruby, python, scala, elexir,...) and knowing ruby is a big plus. Knowledge of ruby is not required as we strongly believe that great engineers can learn any language in a reasonable timeframe.

Good working knowledge of english is required.


Part-time remote work
Company retreats
15 min from the beach
Free breakfast
Unlimited coffee
Free snacks
Free beer
No bullshit culture
Have impact
Company library


About Novicap

  • Fintech

  • Privately Held

  •  Barcelona, Spain

  • 10-30 employees

  • 2014

NoviCap is a FinTech start-up aiming to revolutionize the way businesses source financing. The technology and business model allows professional investors to provide working capital to businesses directly. This way, businesses can focus on growing their business and not their outstanding invoices.

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