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50,000 - €58,000
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Job Description

RubiconMD is a New York based innovative healthcare startup with the mission of democratizing healthcare access by bringing better care at lower costs to providers and their patients across the United States of America.

Backed by leading VC firms Optum Ventures, HLM Venture Partners and Waterline Ventures, RubiconMD is the leader in eConsults and looking forward to expanding its position in the healthcare market.

We are looking to expand our remote team in Spain by hiring a Ruby on Rails engineer to help take on the challenges of scaling our product. If you’re passionate about technology, solving challenges, and having a positive impact by revolutionizing the healthcare system and democratizing access to medical care, we’d love to learn more about you!

We will consider candidates from anywhere in Spain, with preference for those in Sevilla, to work together with our engineer already in the city.


What you will be doing

As a member of the RMD Backend Team, your main responsibilities will consist of:

  • Delivering maintainable, well-tested, and performant code as you build features for our core application
  • Working with our product team when specifying requirements for new features
  • Building new tooling for our team to sustain our current growth
  • Building new integrations with external healthcare providers
  • Defining strategies with your coworkers about the best ways to implement requirements
  • Helping solve the existing technical debt in our codebase

Working from Spain, you will be collaborating closely with our Sevilla-based Backend Lead Engineer, who will guide you through the platform architecture and the technology stack, as well as the processes we have in place to help our engineering team to deliver.

You'll share day to day work with the other two members of the Backend team based in NY, with whom you will exchange code reviews and lengthy discussions about code style, how to get rid of tech debt, and best practices.

Additionally, you'll be working along our Product, Frontend, Data & Analysis, and Operations teams to develop both internal and customer-facing software solutions, as well as solving bugs and technical issues within our platform.

We follow the Scrum framework and organize work in “pods”: small T-shaped teams dedicated to single features. As the backend representative in a pod, you will be responsible for the solution architecture and implementation, from start to finish. But don't worry, you'll have the other members in the Backend team to support and help you in your decisions.

The Backend team is in charge of the core application at RubiconMD, which powers our frontend and mobile applications, Data Science algorithms, custom integrations with specific partners, and provides the main tooling for our Operations team. So all your work will have a capital impact on RubiconMD effort to expand and scale.


Who are we looking for?

We need you to be:

  • Proficient at building Ruby based applications, specifically with Ruby on Rails.
  • Versed in building REST and/or GraphQL APIs
  • Proficient in English, both spoken and written
  • Curious and eager to learn
  • With initiative and sense of ownership over your work
  • Able to manage your own time and tasks
  • Collaborative and able to reach agreements and compromises

We’re looking for someone with initiative, a can-do attitude and eagerness to learn! Filled with curiosity, energy, and a collaborative mindset. Our product and engineering teams work very closely and we discuss a lot to make sure that everything we build makes sense.

We want a Senior engineer to contribute to a complex platform that powers our Angular and React Native applications, as well as expanding into new technologies to help our Data & Analysis team collaborate closer with our main platform.

We’d love someone who is not afraid of diving into legacy code, already knows that the best refactored code is deleted code, finds satisfaction in fixing bugs and strives when building solutions to communicate successfully with third party systems.

And of course, someone passionate about collaborating and getting involved with other team's needs and priorities to help them in their day to day work and contribute further to RubiconMD's mission success.

Additionally, here’s some skills and knowledge we are on the lookout for and will be greatly appreciated, although not required:

  • Development and maintenance of production-level Python code
  • Modern Typescript/Javascript frontend frameworks such as Angular/React/React Native
  • AWS tooling and infrastructure
  • Use of Docker or Kubernetes in production environments


What we are offering

  • Competitive, results-based compensation: 50k€ to 58k€ per year
  • Yearly review of performance with the opportunity for salary improvements.
  • Career reviews and advice to help you grow as an engineer and as a company member.
  • You'll be a full-time employee, not a freelancer.
  • Access to our Employee Stock Options Plan
  • Company-expensed trips to our New York office three/four times a year for one/two weeks for team building, strategy setting, and get together activities.
  • Continuing education program, with budget for books, courses and conferences and weekly sessions where devs teach each other new things
  • Work from home or from a company-expensed coworking space
  • Spanish official observed holidays
  • Unlimited paid holidays, with the minimum stated by the collective agreement the Spanish contracts are based on.


More on the Remoteness of the position

You will be able to work from home if you want (but please, wear pants), or from a company expensed coworking space if you prefer so. If you're based in Sevilla, Arcadia Coworking is our office of choice.

Time zones are hard, we know, both when coding and when dealing with people across the ocean, so we'd love if you had availability for syncs/calls/meetings from 15:00 to 18:00 hours from Monday to Friday. This is not a hard requirement, though. We're trying to get better at async communication, but we still find conference calls to help a lot to make decisions faster.


The Hiring Process

Once we get your application and we get in touch to get to know you, here’s what can be expected from our hiring process:

  1. A 30 minute non-technical phone call
  2. A 60 minute technical screen, expect questions related to general software engineering concepts and practices, as well as Ruby and Rails specific questions.
  3. An architecture discussion where you will meet with product and then engineering to spec out and design a feature request.
  4. A take home coding assignment. We'll discuss a delivery date based on your availability, and you will discuss your solution to with the engineering team.
  5. Reference check

Shortly after each stage, we will contact you after debating internally to tell you if you’ve made it to the next stage.


Our Hiring Philosophy

RubiconMD’s founding mission is to democratize medical expertise, so that all patient populations have access to the care they need. In order to deliver on this, we focus on empowering primary care providers, who we believe are the key to a thriving, equitable health care system. It’s no small order, but we can achieve it with the right team. That’s why we hire people with drive and leadership, who are also highly accountable—to each other, to the providers we serve, and to the impact we exist to make.

RubiconMD is an equal opportunity employer and prohibits discrimination against persons of any kind on the basis of race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, nation of origin, age, disability, and genetics.


About RubiconMD

  • Saa S

  • New York, NY, USA

  • 11-50

  • 2013


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