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Ruby on Rails Developer in Barcelona


28,000 - €35,000
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Job Description

Camaloon is an ecommerce that allows customization of a wide range of products (buttons, stickers, magnets, etc), using both your own designs and designs from artists from around the world. Products are made in our facilities located at the heart of 22@, Barcelona’s innovation district.

Technology-wise Camaloon is more than meets the eye. We create in-house the friendly tools to empower our customers, with very little effort, to design their own products. Right after that, we do colour and picture management and automatic creation of production sheets for each printing machine in our factory, located 50m away from our offices.

We manage our whole infrastructure and technology stack, from the ruby code to the server’s configurations. We usually develop tools to automate tasks and make our developer life easier.

We work in a continuous development flow, work you may do in the morning will be probably in production by the afternoon, tests run automatically on a CI.

We also contribute to existing open source projects by fixing or improving whatever we encounter on the way, as well as releasing internal tools or parts of the application as open source projects.

Right now we are looking for a dynamic and senior RoR developer willing to get involved in challenging projects in a company that stands out for its flexibility and teamwork.

The mission:

You will be part of the developer team at Camaloon, participating in the development of the website, built on top of Ruby on Rails 4. You’ll be part of a long term project that aims to change how users are able to customize their products.

Skills we are looking for in a candidate:

- Dilated experience in programming and web development in particular, either at work or from personal experience.
- Experience working with Ruby, and with Ruby on Rails framework.

The necessary technical knowledge:

- Rails
- Ruby
- Javascript (not jQuery)
- Git

And the highly preferred experience/knowledge that would help on the job:

- AngularJS framework
- Systems administration and architecture
- Frontend technology knowledge

What we offer:

- Continuous learning in a multilingual, multicultural environment.
- Stacks with multiple technolofies. We're looking for multidisciplinary developers that enjoy workin in backend, frontend and/or servers and infrastructure.
- Stack control from servers to the software we use
- Agile tasks distribution, with daily deploys.
- Work together with the rest of the company.

Camaloon is also a part of itnig, an space shared by tech startups where every week different activities like events, sports or afterworks take place. A multicultural environment that helps fostering collaboration and learning.

Don't miss the opportunity to contribute to our challenging project as part of a great team of #RoR developers!

About Camaloon

  • E Commerce

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