Product Owner - Infrastructure in Amsterdam


38,000 - €48,000
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Job Description

Nmbrs is growing. And with growth comes change, and with change comes challenges. We want to offer you the challenge to be the Product Owner for Squad Infra.

The Team

You will be part of our infra squad. Every squad is a self steering team which takes full ownership of their part of the product. We are a manager free environment and you will collaborate with your colleagues to improve the product, prioritize your product backlog and improve the teamwork.

Squad infra is responsible for the infrastructure Nmbrs is running on. Currently it's hosted in a Dutch data center, but we are in the middle of the migration to Azure (#amazing!)

We make sure the infrastructure is secure, stable and performative. Next to that we own the CI/CD pipeline and the tooling and services needed for the developers. We are not responsible for the internal infrastructure of the Nmbrs offices (we bet this is an important clarification for you :))

The Tools you’ll use:
Jira, Confluence, Slack, Zendesk, Loggly, Elmah, Retrace, Redgate, simpleKPI

Your Challenge

- Manage the backlog of Infra: you’ll need to prioritise together with the team what needs to be done.

- Listen to feedback and negotiate with stakeholders, and coordinate the needs and the concerns of everyone. Use this information to improve our methods and our product.

- Coordinate and contact infrastructure partners

- Be able to balance the new features and the maintenance needed to the platform, and to balance the technical and business needs

- Be part of the day-to-day of your Squad and of the Product Council

- Understand the vision and the mission of Nmbrs and its impact on defining what needs to be done. Understand this impact and energise the team for this is also very important!

- Collaborate with the other teams to apply and improve infrastructure guidelines and your squad members on solutions of new projects

What we offer

- International, young and bold company. We want to bring payroll processing to the next era. We have an ambitious environment where we constantly challenge ourselves.
- Ambitious environment, constantly challenging ourselves
- Lots of ways to develop yourself and get lost in the newest techniques, work styles and software engineering best practices.
- A personal coach and a mentor. We will not offer a manager.
- A full agile working environment.
- You can join one of the many initiatives to sport or have fun together outside work. (bouldering, crossfit, pub-quiz). Nothing is mandatory, only if you like to join.
- Or you can become a Nmbrs pirate and float through the Amsterdam canals with colleagues or friends on our Nmbrs boat. (Arrrh!)
- Working in Amsterdam is possible on occasion. We have an apartment there, which you can use, when available.
- Onboarding week in Amsterdam !
- Helpful, smart and fun colleagues.


- You have experience working as a Product Owner, Tech Lead or Team Lead within an agile environment

- At least 3 years of experience in Cloud / Systems / DevOps / Security or Infrastructure engineering

- Experience in negotiating priorities, features, and scope with your team and the stakeholders . You understand and know how important it’s to empathise and prioritise the needs and the concerns of everyone

- Affinity with development and operations. You understand the gap between these is just a mirage.

- You have a product mindset. You understand how important it’s to think in scalability, performance when deciding the future of our product

- You are enthusiastic and you can’t wait to challenge yourself in prepare the Infrastructure to our HR/Payroll software

- Energy, capacity of bringing together the interests of different type of stakeholders

- Team spirit, proactiveness, capacity of receiving and giving good feedback is something that you do normally in your professional life

- Energetic attitude, and capacity of motivating and to energise the people around you

- You’re fluent in English. Portuguese or Dutch are nice to have.



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