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Product Manager in Barcelona


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Job Description

The view from 32,000ft

Our vision is to be the most trusted and most used online travel brand in the world.

People love travel, but hate travelling. Travel is one of the great joys in life, yet online travel is fundamentally broken. We are here to fix it, with world-class software, and deep empathy for our travellers. At Skyscanner we are dedicated to solving the travel needs of our friends, family, and the world. Our traveller-first approach and award-winning apps and service have made us the #1 independent travel brand worldwide, with over 60 million monthly users across more than 30 countries.

Our Cabin Crew

We hire the best, then get out of their way.

Our 50+ Product Managers are builders who love to create things and change the world through technology. They are skilled at the Why, the How and the What of making and iterating products to find market-fit. They support each other and help each other grow. They are not purely ‘organizers’, ‘sellers’ or ‘explorers’, though they are versed in all three dimensions. They are multi-facetted entrepreneurs who know how to generate insights, set direction, and get things done in tech & business.

We’re looking for Product Managers who have delivered results—launching new features, delivering performance step improvements, and challenging themselves and others to improve their skills. Naturally data-driven, they nevertheless cut through complexity to identify high impact opportunities and simple solutions. They act decisively on these insights and collaborate with colleagues in ways which inspire and motivate. Above all, they are in touch with the end user, working constantly to understand their pain-points and exceed their expectations.

Expect Some Turbulence!

Our approach to software development is unconventional. We do not have teams permanently dedicated to managing the various aspects of our products. There is no “Search team” or “Flights team”. We do not like top-down decision making (no ‘mini-CEOs’). We do not like pass-through management. What we value most is autonomy, nimbleness, and delivery of an integrated experience for our travellers. So as a team, we are organized into over 60 autonomous ‘squads’ that can change focus on a dime, and join up to ‘swarm’ on our current top business goals. Our squads are empowered to make decisions, and figure out for themselves how to tackle our biggest challenges.

Our Product Managers will typically work with a squad to deliver a goal, then pick up other goals as the work progresses and priorities shift. Their squad ships daily, tests constantly, and tries to deliver real traveller value every week. This means we look for generalist PMs who thrive on change, and are constantly taking on new challenges.

Whatever the challenge, our PMs:

  • Find the ‘why’ behind the traveller problem.
  • Solve for the whole picture – seeing their work through the traveller’s eyes, creating solutions for the entire experience, and thinking beyond its parts.
  • Work incredibly hard to keep things incredibly simple.
  • Use Lean approaches to break down big ideas into valuable pieces to deliver at fast pace.
  • Fail fast and fail often – until they don’t.
  • Take pride in their craft.

Ready to take off?

Great product managers come from everywhere: their paths are as varied as the skills they have accumulated. What they share is a common aptitude — they are builders.

We value experience and accomplishment, but there is no set-list of requirements. If you feel this is the place for you to make your mark, we encourage you to apply!


  • Experience as a Product Manager in a fast-moving internet company, or equivalent.
  • Experience driving product initiatives to successful completion, resulting in business impact.
  • Experience making hard, data-driven decisions (incl. A/B testing, User Testing, Analytics, Market Research, Competitor Analysis, Defining Metrics and KPIs).
  • A Bachelor’s degree or equivalent – though we welcome applicants from all backgrounds.
  • A passion for travel.

For more insight into Product at Skyscanner, check out our Product VP’s blog on What Makes The Best Product People


About Skyscanner

  • Travel

  • Edinburgh

  • 500-1000 employees

  • 2001

Skyscanner is a global search engine that enables people to find comparisons for flights, hotels and car hire. The service is free to users and directs you to the airline, hotel, car hire provider or travel agency to complete the booking process. It has over 50 million users a month.

  • - ‘Skyscanner University’ offers a range of courses for tech and business topics.
  • - At Skyscanner there’s no clocking in and there’s no bell at the end of the day, they prefer to give you the freedom and autonomy to do your job, add value and own your work.
  • - Better than average annual leave in all office locations.
  • - There’s enhanced maternity and paternity leave and a flexible working policy to encourage and enable a healthy work-life balance.

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