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Product Designer in Paris


40,000 - €60,000
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Job Description

Join a fast-growing startup where you will be responsible for researching user problems and architecting the product UX. You will be part of the Product team, working directly with the Product Manager, the UI designer and the software engineers. Your responsibilities will include:

* Identifying and framing UX problems, based on the Product Manager’s insights, feedbacks from the team and your own observations.
* Creating and testing multiple rough prototypes early in the design process to improve our understanding of the problems.
* Articulating critical design decisions and available trade-offs for the team to discuss.
* Producing mockups / wireframes for the UI designer.
* Documenting the concepts and how the system works for the engineers.
* Conducting user interviews, with the Product Manager, on an ongoing basis to improve our understanding of the users and their contexts of use.


* 4+ years of experience as a UX designer or product designer in a software company. You have spent more time researching problems and sketching experiences with pen & paper than polishing pixel-perfect screens.
* Knowledge in ergonomics of software user interface.
* You have experience talking to end-users to collect insights on their usage patterns.
* You are fluent in English to communicate both with the team and the users. A plus if you have a working command of French.
* You have an interest in big data technologies.
* A plus if you have experience in rapid prototyping, running user tests, or designing software UX for cognitively-demanding tasks.


* Our team is mixed and we value diversity, anyone is welcome;
* It's OK not to know, asking for help saves time and makes you grow;
* Meetings should be as short as possible, attendance in a meeting should have a purpose;
* Be kind, be candid, be helpful;
* Give and accept constructive criticism;
* When you feel something is going in the wrong direction, speak-up as soon as possible;
* Working overtime is not a sustainable strategy, we discourage it.


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