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PHP Developer in Amsterdam


42,000 - €54,000
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Job Description

As a developer @ eCurring you’re not a robotic destroyer of Jira tickets 🤖. Together with the team you’re building a company, its culture and its successes. We’re a small team of young & bright millennials with an entrepreneurial mindset and huge ambition. Join our adventure!

What We're Building

eCurring’s goal is to relieve companies from any friction around subscription management and recurring payments. With eCurring your organzation can really focus on expanding your business while time consuming administrative tasks are automated.

With eCurring organization's can create innovative (recurring) payment schemes or simply stick to their proven formula. Experiment. Innovate. Grow. eCurring makes it all possible.

Think of the gym next door. Think of the local dance school. But also think of Netflix or Spotify. All their subscribers need to pay each month. And what about invoices? What if payment are charged back or fail? How can their members pause, cancel or upgrade their subscriptions?

Via eCurring's SaaS solution any organisation is able to automate these process rapidly at low costs. No organisation needs to build their own solution anymore. All these saved resources can be spend on what is really important: expanding their own business.


About ecurring

  • Fintech

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