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PHP Developer in Amsterdam


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Job Description

Students and editors generate 100,000 page views a day on the back-end. You will work with the development team to make our application more scalable and faster and release new features every two weeks.


What is Scribbr? πŸŽ“

We are a family of graduates who have one mutual goal: Help students graduate!

Scribbr helps more than 200 students daily, offering our Proofreading & Editing service, the Scribbr Plagiarism Check and more than 1.000 articles written about thesis topics.

Together with our team in Amsterdam, and more than 500 freelance-editors, we do everything possible to provide the best service for students. This passion has earned us a customer satisfaction score of 9.9/10 from over 1.000 verified reviews.

Since its founding in 2012, Scribbr has evolved from a side-project in an unexplored market to one of the fastest-growing businesses in Europe.

We're looking for a Senior PHP Developer that can help us improve our current services and strengthen our development team as we prepare to launch into new and exciting markets with huge growth potential.

Our tech stack: PHP 7.2, Symfony 4, Doctrine, Docker, GitHub, Redis, Selenium, Scrutinizer, PHPStan, PHPUnit, Sentry, Heineken, TDD, DDD, CQRS and CI/CD.

What will your day look like?

09:00 – You boot your dev-machine and once you settle in you start reading the Slack Git history. No emails here! πŸŽ‰

09:30 – Development team stand-up! You quickly debrief with your team and discuss what you're tackling today!

11:00 – Our German Quality Manager is at your desk because her experiment has led to a critical bug. A hotfix release will need to be issued.

12:30 – The bug has been solved. While test pipelines are validating our code and a production update deploys automatically, so you grab your free lunch and chat with friends from other startups at the TQ tech space. Join the badminton diehards if you dare! 🏸

13:15 – Customer support is not happy with the speed of the back-end. The issue you are working on is about Blackfire profiling to identifying bottlenecks on assigning editors. You shortly discuss your findings with the rest of the dev team and propose a solution.

14:00 – TQ has a new post on the Slack #events channel. Next week there's a Q&A with a Google exec. Sweet! You sign up and set it in your calendar. #techlife πŸš€

14:15 β€“ Our application is 6 years old, so while refactoring you propose a new interface for placing reviews to make our legacy code follow SOLID principles. You continue refactoring our review module by introducing an ACL on the aggregate root, because our Domain Driven Design decisions did change the bounded context around placing reviews.

16:30– Anne passes out Oreos to the team as the bells of the Munttoren chime. Life is good!

Around 18:00 – It’s Friday, so you head upstairs for happy hour with the crew and other TQ teams! Free beer! Bas suggests we check out The Smallest Disco again... Cheers to a great week!

What application/codebase will you be working on?

The Scribbr application is split into two components: our super high-traffic marketing website, which is built in Wordpress, and our Symfony order management system called Houston. You will be working on the latter ;-)

Houston is used by students, the support team, the marketing team and the management team to run Scribbr smoothly. We are improving Houston every day to automate more of our processes and to improve the services we deliver.

Some Houston features

  • Automatic Word-document analysis to track and assess the performance of our freelance editors.
  • Multi-currency and multi-language operations; students from all over the world use our services.
  • Automatic assigning of new orders to our pool of editors.
  • Complete CRM-system to help all students.
  • Plagiarism-detection software.

… and a bit more technical?

Continuously evolving our model is part of Scribbr’s DNA. That is why we use domain-driven design as our approach. Our domain code reveals exactly what our business is about.

Aggregate roots inform other contexts using domain events to make sure tight coupling happens only as a design decision. Value objects are used to communicate, and their immutability results in predictable and testable behavior. Symfony is mainly there to make our lives easier. Because we use the latest version, we make use of autowiring to keep configuring service definitions to a minimum. Less code = more.

Who will you work with?

We're are enthusiastic, we're international and we love to celebrate success! We work together to ensure that students are fully satisfied with our services and that Scribbr keeps on growing.

What are we looking for?

  • At least 5 years experience with OOP PHP.

  • Actively using SOLID principles.

  • Domain Driven Design and CQRS knowledge is a plus.

  • Have experience with Symfony 3 or similar frameworks.

  • Eager to take on complex tasks.

  • Experience with improving code and architecture. You know what to improve first, how and when.

  • Eager to learn about the business. Having a business/entrepreneurial mindset is a big plus.

  • Experience with SCRUM/Agile.

  • Passion for understanding emerging technologies with pragmatic insight into where those technologies can be integrated into business solutions.

What do we offer?

  • A yearly salary between €51.000 - €58.500

  • Complete autonomy for the dev team. Do we need to refactor? Go for it!

  • A high performance laptop, two screens and whatever extra hardware you need.

  • A generous tech budget to upgrade your gadget collection.

  • A fun, ambitious, informal work environment that embraces the latest technologies.

  • An office with a view in the center of Amsterdam.

  • 25 paid holidays (+7 official Dutch holidays).

  • A supportive team enabling you to foster your own development.

  • The chance to join one of the fastest-growing startups in the Netherlands πŸ»

  • Visa sponsorship & assistance for 30% ruling and housing.

  • And of course... Friday beers, BBQs, a Scribbr boat docked outside the office, smart and young colleagues, free lunch, etc. ;-)


About Scribbr

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