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Job Description

This team continuously develops and maintains our award winning Learner Management System (LMS), a modern and scalable web application based on the .NET framework.


  • Write, maintain and debug C# code in the server tier of our Learner Management System, a web application based on the .NET framework. The server tier includes the ASP.NET MVC/API controllers at the web server layer, the business commands and queries at the business logic layer, and the data access logic that interfaces with the database management system.
  • Help the database development team write simple SQL queries that target the PostgreSQL database to support both application use-cases and ad-hoc reporting.
  • Support our development team in general development and operational tasks that may arise.

Key Skills

  • Proficient in English, with familiarity of technical and business concepts.
  • Spanish an optional plus.
  • Experience abroad or in multicultural environments preferred.
  • Experience with .NET framework fundamentals, including the CLR, BCL, ASP.NET MVC/API and ADO.NET.
  • Experience with the design and development of modern web applications, including the general concepts of authentication, authorization, encryption, transactions, state, logging and serialization.
  • Familiarity with fundamental Windows and/or Linux server concepts, including command-line scripting, networking, firewall management, security patching, resource monitoring, logging, etc.
  • Either a computing degree or 3+ years of experience in the areas of responsibility mentioned above.


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