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Machine Learning Engineer in London

60,000 - €95,000
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Job Description

What you’ll be doing:
You will be a core contributor to our core machine learning models. Modern NLP models that solve intent recognition, entity extraction against vernacular text. These models have to scalable, available and secure. This is critical to our success. You’ll become a core member of the engineering team.

We’re dedicated to what we’re doing and we work hard in a sustainable and healthy way. If you want to work from home some days that’s cool. All that matters is you contribute effectively and work well with the team.

Skills and experience
Sorted from “essential” to “nice-to-have”:
Read machine learning literature and implement the models described (eg from recent papers in ICML/ICLR/NIPS).
Experience building and testing models.
Comfortable with core concepts from linear algebra, probability and statistics required in ML.
Deep Learning frameworks eg Theano, TensorFlow, Torch.
Working knowledge of GNU/Linux
An undergraduate degree in a hard science, mathematics or signal processing, engineering subject and a postgrad degree or PhD in ML.
Solving Natural Language Processing problems.
Have used "Infrastructure as a Service" (e.g. Google Cloud, AWS)
Containers (Docker, CoreOS etc.) and orchestration (e.g. Kubernetes/Mesos)
Distributed data storage (e.g. RethinkDB, ElasticSearch) and SQL

The backend is a mixture of Python and Rust and consists of many containerized stateless microservices and a few stateful ones. There’s a mixture of interactive and batch services, with many running heavy numerical loads. Everything gets deployed on Kubernetes in Google Cloud Platform. We use RethinkDB and Elasticsearch for storage and indexing. The frontend is built using Typescript, React, Redux and Webpack.

re:infer was founded by Machine Learning researchers, engineers and entrepreneurs from UCL and Google. We’re a small team of technologists (~ 12 people) motivated by solving the very hard problem of getting machines to understand conversations.

We work in two-week sprints following the best bits of the Agile approach to software development. Our employees benefit from a relaxed, social atmosphere in which they’re free to make use of our open-plan office to discuss ideas, or put their headphones in and find a quiet corner as and when they require. We support flexible working hours and have a generous holiday policy and company pension. Everyone gets their own top-spec laptop and whatever office hardware works for them.

re:infer is an artificial intelligence solution that turns unstructured communications data (emails, chats, calls) into structured actionable data.

re:infer is a software solution that can read and understand human communications data found in emails, calls and chat. It self-learns, can classify intents, emotions and entities in every communications and converts them into structured data that provides our clients with an automated MI capture and can drive downstream automations.

Our Enterprise Communications and Analytics platform is deployed globally and across multiple industries to transform our client’s operating models and deliver scalable and transformational automation initiatives

re:infer is one of the most exciting A.I. startups in Europe. A spin-out from the world famous AI research group at University College London that produced SearchSpace and DeepMind. We have won ‘Best AI startup’ at the World AI Summit and are regularly featured in the top lists of breakout machine learning companies operating in Europe. The founders are leading researchers in the field Machine Learning.

re:infer has great investors like IP Group, Crane Ventures and we’re backed by some of the world’s leading AI entrepreneurs. In February we closed our seed round Seed Round of $3.5m. So you are joining us at the best possible time. Come and build the future with us. This will be the best work of your life.

re:infer’s offices are at Mindspace Aldgate, in the heart of East London.



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