Junior Frontend Developer in Barcelona


10.000 € - 15.000 €
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Job Description

We are currently looking for a junior frontend developer to join our team, with experience with HTML/CSS/JS with bonus points for experience with an eCommerce platform.

You would be providing tech support to our clients, helping them integrate our modules into their eCommerce platforms, aiding in CSS customizations and troubleshooting. This role is ideal for someone that is looking for real world frontend development experience with a large exposure to the biggest eCommerce platforms globally.

A high proficiency in English is a requirement for this position

The Company

Photoslurp is a visual commerce & marketing platform enabling brands to collect brand-attributed photos of real users using their products across all social networks.

The solution quicky finds all brand-attributed UGC in the main social media channels and includes all the tools required to embed these into ecommerce stores, making them shoppable and providing detailed photo analytics as well as evangelist identification.

Additional features are constantly being added to further decrease the gap between a brand’s social media presence and their online channel – such as ‘Shoppable Instagram’ a feature allowing a brand to make their Instagram feed shoppable, and drive revenue directly from this social media service.


About Photoslurp

  • Saa S

SaaS platform to enable brands and online shops to use their customer photos from social media as social proof and increase their conversion rates. Currently present in more than 30 clients in Spain, UK, USA, Canada, Netherlands and UEA and growing fast.

Official website, founding date, employees, how did it all begin... Do you know the whole story?

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