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Fullstak Engineer in Paris


40,000 - €75,000
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Job Description

As a member of Shift Technology’s dev team, part of the greater tech team, your role will be to deliver, maintain, support, and improve new and existing features in our customer products.

More specifically, in this role you may work on:
- The front-end of our products, including designing clean, featureful, reusable components.
- Advanced UI features such as data and graph visualization.
- Etc.

As a teammate, you will also participate in all of the team's usual activities: of course software development, but also technical design, roadmap planning, estimates, code reviews, etc.

Your toolkit
We work with modern technologies and always encourage our team to explore what’s new in the market. Our main tools are:

- C# in the backend, written with Visual Studio and Resharper
- React (es6) and Less in the frontend, written with Visual Studio Code, and packaged with Webpack
- SQL Server and Elasticsearch in the data layer
- A continuous delivery pipeline that uses Git, Nunit, Teamcity and Octopus Deploy

If you are not proficient in one or more of these but like learning new things, don't worry, we will train you !

Your profile
- You have strong coding skills: whatever your language of choice, your projects are beautifully designed and cleanly written.
- You are dynamic, curious and eager to learn, always looking to expand your fields of expertise.
- You are proactive and take ownership of your work.
- You often come up with new ideas to solve complex problems, and know how to get your teammates behind them.
- You want your work to have an impact: rather than a cog, you see yourself as the engine.
- You are comfortable dealing with the pressure of delivering an excellent service to our customers.
- You can communicate clearly in English.

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