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Fullstack Developer in Paris


45,000 - €65,000
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Job Description

Who are we?
At Manty, our mission is to create the autonomous government. We want public administration to be as efficient and as transparent as possible, without any waste.
We help elected officials and public servants make the best possible decisions, by bringing them up-to-date and relevant information.
We currently have 28 local administrations using our product (Clermont Auvergne Métropole, Biarritz, Limoges, Courbevoie, Meurthe-et-Moselle, etc...)
Manty is ranked among the top 10 French GovTech startup along with Doctolib and Fluicity. We rose over €500k at the beginning of 2019 with Business Angels, more to come soon!

What do we do ?
Our flagship product is a business intelligence platform that connects to every source of data within the administration, and let everyone ask questions about the various public policies using natural-like language.
We retro-engineer many platforms and databases to map a messy, complex, and entangled schema into a simple, clean and easy to understand schema.
We request billions of data points, harmonize, anonymize and clean them to return only what the administration needs. We fine-tune and automate data mappings between softwares, to build a unified database.
We interpret the queries made by our users and process them to query our unified database. Human language is tricky, we use complex algorithms to infer and return precisely the information the user needs.
We render data with delightful visualizations, from graphs to maps.

Sounds good, what will I do?
You will improve the platform and the experience for user, by building and rolling out new features. You will help us develop a more scalable and high-performance product.
You will build new clients' integrations. You will also work on a major new product that we are developing for the end of the year.

Alright, but why me?
You have worked several years on web platforms, and enjoy turning hard problems into simple ones to solve them elegantly.
You are open-minded and a problem-solver. As we build and maintain our product, we create features over a large infrastructure shared with many clients.
As a startup, we are flexible. You are not afraid to bend the established rules to get what you want if it is the most efficient way to do it.
You are experienced in Python and Javascript, and you are used to work on *nix environment. Data science, docker or UX knowledge is a plus.

What's in it for me?
You will be a key player in a high-performance team. You will have the opportunity to develop great new products in a developer friendly environment.
You will work in a fast growing startup environment, with big challenges and responsibilities.
You will help a great cause by helping how the government manage their data.
45k - 65k, 0.1% equity.
A great place to work in, Platform58, the brand-new incubator of la Banque Postale right next to Opéra.

Stack :
Python 3 with flask, SQLAlchemy, pytest for backend, extractors, and crawlers,
JavaScript with React, Redux, Rematch, Flow for front end,
CircleCI, docker & ansible, linux.

Awesome! How can I get onboard?
1 phone interview + 3 rounds of interview at our office


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