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Fullstack Developer in Barcelona


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30,000 - €45,000
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We are Factorial, a very young company in Barcelona that is modernizing the HR and payroll for the SMB. We started in 2016 serving spanish companies and have grown a lot since then. Now is time for us to start thinking globally, which requires hiring someone that can architecture and build the right abstractions to take on new countries. This industry is ripe for disruption (mostly owned by on-premise oldschool solutions) and we are pretty sure we are going to be the ones that will do it... otherwise, we wouldn't have started this company!

We have a very small team of 3 developers and 2 designers and we are extremely product oriented – just try the product, you will feel it! And we love to do things the right way: Paying the compounding interest of technical debt does not play along with our long-term vision.

We are looking for a Plain Old Good Developer. Someone who can abstract problems and find solutions across the stacks. We look for smart people who are proactive and have good soft/communication skills. We are not looking for a long list of skills, RoR and React are a plus since this is part of our stack, but it’s not mandatory to be proficient on those. We believe that someone who has good aptitudes and is hungry for learning is what works best.

Why should you apply?

- You want to be part of a small team to be able to to make an impact, whatever that means to you.

- You want to learn other things besides development such as marketing, entrepreneurship, sales, and whatnot.

- You want to create things you are proud of. Not just what you are being told.

- You believe that some industries (HR and payroll for instance) are outdated and you want to be part of that change.

- You are striving for excellence. You like to write good code and apply good practices not just shipping feature after feature.


About Factorial

  • Human Resources

  • Barcelona

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