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Full Stack Developer in Barcelona


40,000 - €60,000
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Job Description

We are looking for a Full Stack developer to join our team, the person will deliver Javascript development skills on the front and backend systems that power our site.  The person is expected to have good knowledge of HTML and CSS, and the ability to work with our designers and the business to implement the features required.

 Candidates should be in a European timezone.



Major Areas of Responsibility


Reporting to the Project Lead, the position has the following responsibilities:


  • Create JS / HTML / CSS to deliver required functionality and design

  • Ensure all code is modular, and where possible developed as reusable

  • Flag potential issues early, to reduce wasted development time

  • Keep abreast of latest developments in frontend technologies, and make suggestions

  • Work with SEO to ensure best practices are followed

  • Work with Business to clearly understand requirements BEFORE development

  • Work with Designers to ensure they understand possibilities / limitations

  • Working with desktop, mobile, and possibly ‘other’ devices

  • Always work towards minimising page load time & data transferred

  • Become a valued team member, providing feedback to the team

  • Self Motivated - you’re not the sort of person to sit there twiddling your thumbs if there is nobody to tell you what to do next!

  • Take ownership of your code / tasks / role

  • Be proud of what you achieve, and of the product, and be one of the driving forces behind always making it better

  • Make sure access to restricted data / areas of the system, are kept secure

  • Work in an ‘agile’ way

  • When you cock-up - own-up! (We don’t do blame-storming here!)


Primary Objectives

  • To continuously improve the products and projects you work on
  • To ensure all elements come together to provide the functionality, look, and feel / experience, that the business expects
  • To minimise downtime of the live systems


Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities


  • Skilled in HTML / CSS / Javascript

  • Experience of LESS / SASS

  • Experience of Bootstrap and jQuery

  • Native English speaking and writing - or near enough to native that it isn’t noticeable that English is your second language

  • Constructive criticism should be welcomed

  • Ability to work on your own, with very little contact with your colleagues - and the ability to work closely with your colleagues - Teamwork is critical, working together is not!

  • A real ‘Can Do’ work ethic - We are results based, not clock based!

  • Experience of the following is a must:

    • NodeJS

    • Javascript / HTML / CSS

    • MongoDB

    • Github

    • Experience of the following would be an advantage:

      • Express / Connect

      • Redis

      • RequireJS

      • ZeroMQ

      • Travis / TDD

      • BusterJS / CucumberJS with WebdriverIO

      • Your own open source projects

      • DataTables

      • High traffic web sites

      • Linux

      • AWS Technologies (e.g. Cloudformation)

      • Chef

      • Streaming video technologies / Web playback tools (VideoJS)

      • Atlassian’s Jira


      Education and Experience


      • Education is compulsory, where you got it is irrelevant!

      • We are looking for someone who has worked in a similar role (or roles) for at least 3 years, and can show us examples of their work

      • We are not looking for a newbie, nor are we looking for a rockstar, we are looking for a mid level developer who wants to both learn and contribute


      Salary Range


      40.000 - 60.000 EUR Gross / year depending on experience


      Work Environment


      Working from home is normal practice, this is why we look for self motivated people who will take ownership of their roles.  Although, in the early days, it would certainly be our desire to have you in our Barcelona office on a regular basis until we get to know each other better.


      We are an easy going bunch of people, who all expect everybody to work hard out of the desire to do the best job they can; we are proud of what we have achieved, and want newcomers to be proud of what they add.


      We generally work an average of 40hrs per week, and that is normally 9-6 Monday to Thursday with 30mins for lunch, and 9-3 on a Friday - but we are very flexible as to actual start and end times, it’s the deliverables that matter.  We specify these times to try and make sure we are all around at the same time if needed, but common sense around here is more valuable than rules!


      We are working towards all code having tests in place, and take the time to make sure it’s hard to break things by automating and testing as much as possible.


      We use a very streamlined version of Agile methodologies, we focus on delivering code often, and are working towards continuous deployment.  You break the build, you fix it!  You break live, you fix it and get made fun of!

      Our products are web sites for the adult entertainment market, and our whole focus is delivering great quality adult content to our user base, and giving those users a great experience while online - so you must be comfortable with adult content, or this isn’t the job for you!!!




      This job description is intended to convey information essential to understanding the scope of the job and the general nature and level of work performed by job holders within this job. But, this job description is not intended to be an exhaustive list of qualifications, skills, efforts, duties, responsibilities or working conditions associated with the position.

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