Full-stack Developer in Barcelona

World Mastery

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Job Description

World Mastery creates and distributes e-learning material for professionals, designed by our masters, who are leaders in the sports and arts world. We offer this content to our users, using a monthly subscription plan to our platform, unlocking it progressively (CasS).
In a very short period of time, we’ve had a big international growth, with our content being consumed in 105 different countries. Our team is growing fast and we’re around 70 currently, and growing.

We have just recently closed a big financing round, led by one of the most prestigious VC firms.

About the job

Job description
We're looking for someone who loves challenges and having fun at work. We're currently growing our business after a major financing round. We’re moving from a small team that quickly built a project that allowed us to validate our business model to developing a solid tech stack that will allow us to take our business to the next level. This entails rebuilding some big parts, as well as moving to the cloud.
It is a huge and super exciting project, and we need to build the right team to accomplish it. We’re not looking for people who have knowledge of all our stack, but people who are not afraid of working on it and are willing to learn the necessary skills along the way.

Our stack

This is our current stack:
* PHP based on the Yii2 framework
* Custom JS built over jQuery
* Mobile App built in React native
* MySQL Database
* Testing (but not a lot)
* Manual deploys
* Self-hosted server

This is the stack we are building:
* CI/CD with 100% confidence when deploying
* Increase the coverage of the critical path of the current code
* Dockerized local development environment
* Web
** Based on Symfony4
** Hand made layouts using best practices
*** Component based
*** SASS
** React JS
* Improve our app and reuse styling from website
* Hosted in the cloud (AWS)
** Infrastructure as code using Packer and Terraform
** Take advantage of AWS services (SQS, Athena, etc.)

About you

* Which skills will be required
* Understand SOLID principles
* Willing to learn
* Ability to work in a team
* Relational database experience (MySQL)
* English communication skills
* 4 year of working experience in a similar role
* Git (and Github)
* Experience in writing automated tests for your code

Which skills will be valuable
* Docker
* Terraform
* Frontend skills: Component based, SASS
* React Native
* Kibana
* Metrics: Prometheus, Datadog, etc.

Offices and perks
Our offices are currently located at the center of Barcelona, with great public transportation connections and plenty of services around.

Joining us you’ll also get to enjoy our perks:
* Flexible working hours
* Remote friendly, work from home 2 days per week
* Free coffee and teas in our kitchen
* Flexible remuneration
* Free dancing trainings
* Training budget
* Conferences, workshops, etc.

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