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Frontend Software Engineer in Barcelona


Est. Salary
35,000 - €50,000
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Job Description

We are currently looking for a creative and talented individual with a passion for technology to drive up the reliability and our products, services and systems to meet and exceed our expectations. Your primary responsibility will be development and implementation of methodologies and techniques to enhance product reliability by empowering our engineers to be responsible for their systems in the most effective way possible.

You will work closely with engineers to advocate sensible, scalable systems design as well as have the best tools to diagnose, resolve and prevent production issues. Be prepared to work based on your own technological expertise but backed up with hard data.

Our systems are global scale deployments of different services such as developer productivity tools, image and message processing systems, big data and map-reduce clusters, database and nosql backends and many more. At all times you will be just a git clone away from real code to contribute to. We specifically have to support hundreds of services and hundreds of instances for 200M+ external users, using dynamic service discovery systems, leveraging dynamic load balancing and routing. Service to service interaction is done using circuit breaker frameworks and techniques. Near 100% uptime is done using deployment techniques such as blue/green or canary releasing. For internal services (like delivery pipelines and build systems), we support more than a thousand developers.

We strongly believe in continuous improvement of always-on systems so we relentlessly work to achieve near complete resiliency of everything we do. This means no actual user downtime and seamless infrastructure and service upgrades as well as being proactive to issues.


    • Working in a multi-disciplinary team across Europe, develop client code that can be used by many disparate properties.
    • Develop prototypes quickly but deliver production code that can scale to our large user base.
    • Be involved in a full spectrum of front end engineering, including new features and new applications but also tools to support experimentation, localisation and customisation.
    • Develop and implement systems using best practices and tools. Document and communicate them.
    • Be creative and experiment with new solutions but pragmatic and committed to code optimization, maintainability, and quality
    • Work with product owners and designers to prioritise and hone features.
    • Optimize web applications for maximum speed and scale. Support diverse clients from high end desktop computers to mobile devices for emerging markets.


  • Excellent experience in web development for both desktop and mobile platforms.
  • Deep expertise in Javascript and it’s various cross-platform and cross-browser quirks.
  • Previous development experience with either Java, Python, or C++.
  • Experience with some of the common Javascript frameworks and libraries (JQuery, Modernizr, Closure, AngularJS, Polymer, Node.js, RequireJS, React, Browserify).
  • Experience with HTML5, CSS3, AJAX, RESTful APIs.
  • Strong understanding of web performance, scalability, and implementation constraints.High comfort level working with multiple stakeholders from different parts of the organization toward a consensus


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