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Frontend Developer in Amsterdam

Twitter Counter

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Job Description


You will be developing Twitter Counter's existing products and also contribute to our brand new product that’s being built from scratch. This includes working with designers, back-enders and other front-enders to put together new pages, features and elements, take care of performance, responsiveness and generally - a fantastic UI.

You'll be writing code that is efficient and fits into a scalable structure. You will get a chance to use and experiment with new technologies to ensure that Twitter Counter is always moving forward on a technical front-end level and that are users are provided the best experience possible.

Technologies we use: Vanilla, Angular, PhantomJS, ReactJS and more.

Who might be a great fit

  • You identify yourself as a front-end or a full-stack developer.
  • You have 3+ years of full time web/ mobile development experience.
  • You can come up with efficient methods of solving problems with regards to rendering, markup structure and compatibility issues.
  • You have a bit of an eye for design and smooth UI, and can easily turn designs into real pages.
  • Great eye for detail, you've easily spotted the spelling mistake(s) in this job description.
  • Passionate about the internet and web-app design trends, you have a rather solid view of how things should be designed well.
  • You are a Javascript and jQuery pro and get super upset when people don’t properly cache their variables. React.js is a big plus.
  • You also have a firm understanding of PHP and can easily use the language to make your views dynamic.
  • You’re familiar with Git commands and are comfortable working with them on a daily basis.
  • If you’re applying for working locally in our office - it’s important that you’re living or want to live in or around Amsterdam. Alternatively - you like and are productive working remotely.
  • You are comfortable speaking English throughout the day. We are quite an international team and communication skills are important to getting the job done well.
  • Last but not least - you're a hard worker, you're passionate about what you do and you can be trusted to do what it takes to get things done.

Bonus points

  • Good knowledge of design patterns.
  • Professional React.js experience.
  • Professional REST APIs experience.

How to apply

Please hit the button below to apply for this role. Send resume, links to portfolio and a nice letter. We would love to hear from you!

  • Saa S

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