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Frontend Developer in Amsterdam


50,000 - €60,000
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Job Description

As one of our frontend developers you will be presented with the task to develop a frontend application for one of the most the challenging target user bases we know, namely doctors and other healthcare personnel.

Firstly we are looking at the short term continuation (2-3 months) of the development of the existing NodeJS / Angular.JS application which is already being used in numerous Dutch hospitals. This gives you a fantastic possibility to familiarize yourself with the CTcue platform.
Secondly, within 6 months, we are planning to completely rewrite the frontend of the application in Angular and Typescript which gives you an amazing opportunity to develop yourself and grow in your field!

Because visualisations are such an integral part of making the vast quantities and diversity of data accessible to the end user we will also be integrating an even more visual approach to the new version application where we will use D3.js or other SVG libraries.

We are utmost focussed on the latest stable technologies out there! Having a full dockerized CI/CD environment already setup, Rancher for our host and deployment management and Elasticsearch for all our extensive search and monitoring capabilities. We want you to have the best and most comfortable development environment.

If you have full-stack ambitions to contribute to the backend and the API as well then you are more than welcome to! You will get a lot of freedom to fill in the position as you see fit.

At the same time you will be working closely together with our backend, data and artificial intelligence teams to deliver the best application that can revolutionise healthcare as a whole!

In every sense of the word we would love to have your input and ideas throughout both these phases and for everything to come in the future!


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