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Frontend Developer 💖 (Advanced/Senior/Staff) in Amsterdam


50,000 - €100,000
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Job Description

Our team of engineers develop the next generation of highly scalable apps, written and composed by a language called Storyscript. It is a cloud native programming language to string together microservices and functions.

❤️ We hire passionate and empathy-driven developers. ❤️

🎉 Open source company, and a proud member of the CNCF and Linux Foundation. 🎉

What you'll be responsible for owning and guiding the frontend of the Storyscript building the Hub and Dashboard.

Our expectations from you:
- Given a feature, spec it out completely with every other team which should be involved, right from design to implementation
- Take responsibility if something you've built goes down in production
- Be the "go to" person for everything that you've built
- Able to document your design decisions and your code
- Expect to dive into infrastructure related discussions from time to time


About Storyscript

  • Saa S

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