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Front-end/UI Developer in Madrid


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Job Description

At Returnly, we help brands that care about shopper loyalty offer better product returns. We are a financial technology services company that builds award-winning products that drive repurchase behavior and customer loyalty. We were backed at the beginning by smart money VCs in Fintech including some prominent members of the Paypal Mafia. Our headquarters are in San Francisco and we have offices in Chicago and Madrid. We are on a mission to de-risk online commerce and are building a team of amazingly talented people to help us do it.

Returnly has recently been acquired by Affirm, whose mission is to deliver honest financial products that improve lives. By building a new kind of payment network — one based on trust, transparency, and putting people first — Affirm empowers millions of consumers to spend and save responsibly and gives thousands of businesses the tools to fuel growth.

What do we offer?

We prefer seeing each other often, but we already had a healthy WFH culture before Covid19 came so when it happened, we just switched to everyday WFH. However, we would prefer it if you live in or near Madrid so if we open the office again it won’t be a problem for you to enjoy it.

We have a very flexible approach to working hours. You can stop to go to the gym, get your little ones to or from school, meditate or do whatever you need or want. There is a need for a certain amount of overlap with Pacific Coast working hours needed for meetings and collaboration that does not fit into asynchronous communications, however we try to prioritize those, and your main collaborators are based in Spain. A lot of people at Returnly have families, we understand the sometimes unpredictable nature of life and we support everyone taking care of their loved ones and themselves, and we trust everyone to take advantage of this flexibility in a responsible way.

We have 23 standard PTO (Paid Time Off) days, plus up to 2 days from the benefits (to be used on special dates).

We do performance and compensation reviews, and we will try to help you become your better self, be it via mentoring, training, feedback, or the possibility to dab on fields where you are not yet an expert.

You will be provided with an Apple laptop and whatever you need to do your job comfortably and productively. As we are now unable to enjoy our offices, special provisions to help you set up at home will be addressed.

Additionally, Returnly offers some benefits to all Spain employees, like private medical insurance, extra vacation days, home utilities, and wellness stipends.

What will you do?

Extend Returnly’s web apps user interface to cover new features.
Create new atoms, molecules, and full components within Returnly’s Component Design System, making sure they are easy to use, easy to customize, and easy to extend or modify in the future.
Maintain legacy code or port it to our newest stack, when practical, and be able to tell what is the better option each time.

In one month

You will have Returnly’s stack and tools installed on your machine and a general understanding of how everything works together.
You will have read most of Returnly’s documentation that is relevant to you.
You will be able to assume your own tasks even if completing them requires asking questions or collaborating with peers.
You will have deployed some code to production.

In three months

You will be able to work mostly unsupervised, to ask relevant questions about new tasks before starting them so that your workload flows in a mostly predictable manner.
You will have extended or enhanced some of the existing documentation with new or more detailed info.

In six months

You will have added some sizeable features to Returnly’s interface and will be the go-to person about their implementation, or feasibility of future developments.
You will have authored some new parts of the documentation.

How will you do it?

We use a Material Design-inspired Component Design System and React/Redux to handle the most interactive parts.
We use a variation of Kanban with weekly check-ups to re-evaluate prioritization and user stories grooming.
Every other week we check OKR alignment with the wider team and sometimes do small focused 3min demos to see what everyone is doing.

Your Team

You will work with a product owner, one or more web apps developers, one or more services developers, and one QA engineer in a cross-functional autonomous team that we call a Pod.
You will also have the chance to refine best practices and propose technical work, refactorings, and reliability enhancements in periodical work sessions with your stack-peers from every Pod.

What are we looking for?

What do we need (T shape)

While we need someone with deep knowledge of the main required skills for this position, we prefer people with broad experience in neighboring or related areas. Backend, testing, containers, graphic design, project management… The more you bring to the table the better.
We are a young company, where specialization is still in process, and we believe that, the better you understand the people you are collaborating with, the easier it is going to be to have smooth communication with them.

Strongly preferred

• Solid knowledge/Professional experience with SASS/SCSS and large CSS projects
• Working knowledge of React (preferred) or any complex js framework (Vue, Angular, ...)
• Design sensitivity, experience at design roles, or UX specific background
• Detail-oriented
• Written and spoken communication proficiency in English is needed to collaborate with a global team
• Excellent planning and time management skills, being able to provide deliverables on time; ability to anticipate and resolve project roadblocks
• Good communication skills, confidently representing your expertise to peers and stakeholders across the organization
• Self-motivated, working independently, intrinsic learner

Nice to have

• Specific React/Redux experience
• Familiarity or experience with Ruby on Rails
• Experience with webpack or similar asset bundling tools
• Experience with Figma or similar collaborative online design tools
• E-commerce or fin-tech background

Hiring process (WIP)

• Meet & Greet
• Take-home exercise and/or Online test
• Technical Interviews
• On-site interviews

Our values

Diversity: We are diverse, independent thinkers and still one team with one mission.
Openness and empathy: We learn and grow by listening to our customers and each other
Integrity: We always do what’s right for our customers, Returnly and ourselves - in that order.
Team: EQ is as important as IQ. We make time to help each other out.
Commitment: We are curious and fearless. We own risk, outcomes, and everything in between.

We really love hearing from you, but before applying please check the following...
Read the values section above carefully and ask yourself if this is a good match for you personally. We want you to be an ambassador of these values!

About Affirm

  • E Commerce

  • San Francisco, CA, USA

  • 1,000 - 5,000

  • 2014

We’re excited to announce that Affirm is now a remote-first company! The majority of our roles can be accomplished anywhere in the U.S. and Canada (with the exception of Quebec). While most Affirmers will have the option to choose a remote-first accommodation, our offices in San Francisco, New York City, Pittsburgh, Chicago, and Salt Lake City will remain operational and accessible for anyone to use on a voluntary basis.

At Affirm, we’re using today’s technology to bring significant disruptive innovation to the financial industry. We focus on improving the lives of consumers by delivering simple, honest and transparent financial products.

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