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Engineering Manager (Common Platform Runtime) in Barcelona


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Job Description

Our Cloud and Infrastructure (C&I) community mission is "We provide services, tools, support to give Adevinta developers an excellent cloud-native developer experience. We make it easy and efficient to ship and operate secure, flexible, and scalable solutions for Adevinta's customers". The Cloud Platform community helps developers take their deployable artefacts to production and operate their products.

The Runtime team is part of the Cloud Platform community, so you will report to the Head of r¡the Cloud Platform team. We provide SCHIP, a multi-cluster (30+), multi-region (4), multi-tenant (80+) Kubernetes runtime, as a service to the rest of Adevinta. We aim to offer the best runtime experience so our users — other developers — can build and run their applications, not the underlying infrastructure. As of today, we're serving more than 8 billion requests per day, on average (200k rqps at peak time) and serving final users looking for a new job, car or flat across Europe.

Position responsibilities

  • Be the liaison between the team and the organisation:
  • Ensure the team's external blockers and issues are correctly identified, communicated and addressed.
  • Work with the team's Product Owner(s) and the larger product organisation to ensure the team is building the right products.
  • Collect strategy and high-level direction from senior management to influence roadmaps and short-term backlogs, and be the representative and advocate of the team in the upper-management councils.
  • Communicate big updates & act as mediator between the team and other parts of the organisation, including in case of major issues (technical and otherwise)
  • Maintain healthy team dynamics and keep the team output at high levels of velocity, quality and reliability.
  • Career development and mentoring for team members.
  • Help the teams with coordination/agreement/methodology challenges.
  • Support the team and help them with high-level tech decisions, technical architecture, and to raise blockers and needs from the organisation.
  • Read, review and evaluate code, and if necessary, write it.
  • A mindset for continuous improvement and identifying improvement areas.


You are looking for a job where most of the efforts are NOT invested in tech matters (able to delegate, trust but follow and "challenge" your teams):

  • Good partner management skills.
  • Expertise in similar tech challenges.
  • Team Lead, better with experience managing multiple teams.
  • Good foundations on Agile methodologies.
  • Strong tech foundations (Software Engineering, Ops / DevOps, Cloud / Distributed Systems)
  • Global mindset / engineering teams and components at scale
  • Structured, analytical, with also good foundations on Agile methodologies/working frameworks.
  • Strong problem solving skills.
  • Experience and interest in modern development tools and practices.

Additional information

Life at Adevinta comes with its perks! Our Adevintans enjoy the following benefits:

  • An attractive Base Salary.
  • Participation in our Short Term Incentive plan (annual bonus).
  • An excellent Equity program. This role plays a key part to the success of the organisation and therefore you will receive a piece of Adevinta every 6 months.
  • Employee Stock Purchase Program with a match from Adevinta.
  • Work From Anywhere: Enjoy up to 20 days a year of working from anywhere! Maybe not from the moon - well why not! just make sure you have internet connection!
  • A 24/7 Employee Assistance Program for you and your family, because we care.
  • Win together, lose together is one of our key behaviours. At Adevinta you will find a collaborative environment with an opportunity to explore your potential and grow.

On top of these, we also provide a range of locally relevant benefits. Wanna know more? Apply and ask our recruiters!

About Adevinta

Adevinta is a marketplace specialist. We help our local digital marketplaces thrive through global connections and networks of knowledge. Our marketplaces unlock the full value in every person, place and thing – helping local communities prosper and leaving a positive footprint on the world.

What we do

We serve people where they live, acknowledging what’s special about every culture and every place. That’s why we develop leading local brands which form an integral part of life for our users, with an average of 1.5 billion visits to our sites every month.

We want to make a positive change in the world by helping everyone and everything find a new purpose. We believe every house can be a home, every person has a role to play, and every object can live a second life – they only have to find their matching need. Our marketplaces create these matches, supporting local communities and building a sustainable future.

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