Engineering Director at Time & Payroll Domain in Barcelona


100,000 - €130,000
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Job Description

At Factorial, we are looking for an experienced Engineering leader responsible for building/owning/executing the roadmap for the Time & Payroll Domain of Factorial. This domain has the biggest amount of usage across our suite of products, which naturally translates into the biggest amount of challenges, business stress, and opportunities to grow.

Current structure:

  • Seven Engineering Managers would be reporting directly to you with more than 35 developers working in the domain.
  • You will be reporting directly to the VP of Engineering.
  • You will work daily with Product and Design Directors, forming the domain's leadership trio.
  • You will work horizontally with other domain leaders, forming Factorial's Product Leadership.


This role has different faces:

  • Domain Engineering: being responsible for the technical excellence of all the solutions inside the domain. We have more than 600k users using those products weekly, so non-scalable prototypes break fast. Are you aware of the big tech decisions they are making? What are the biggest bottlenecks for each team? Do you see any problems in 3-6 months that we can avoid? Be prepared to ship new features while being sure that you’re constantly optimizing the core to improve stability and scalability.
  • People Management: You're the manager of managers. You need to coach your reports and show them the ropes to ensure that their teams and products are healthy and thriving. The best proxy for a good manager is how many people grow under him. Do they hire and promote the right people? Do they actively resolve conflicts or try to ignore/hide them? Do they give feedback and expectations clearly to the team?
  • Product Leadership: you, together with your trio, set a clear vision for your domain and communicate it constantly. What makes your product different? How can you win the market? And you ensure this vision is a tool, not yet another artifact in Notion.
  • Culture Leadership: forming part of the Product Leadership, you are expected to be responsible for forming the whole Product culture of Factorial, not being limited only by your Domain. That sounds like a gimmick invented for the position, but we mean it:
    • You tell your manager and peers things you think you cannot say — radical candor to the max.
    • You convince or get convinced. And you ask the same from everyone with no exceptions. If the initiative comes top-down, you fight it until you fully buy it. And later, you fight until your team buys it.
    • You see something broken, and you stand up to fix it. You don't limit yourself to one domain but feel responsible for the whole Factorial.
    • You communicate openly and build a narrative. If you can't, you need to be convinced more.
    • You feel accountable for the culture and make others feel accountable.
    • You bring, execute, and later communicate solutions. You look for approval only for something that would be hard to reverse.
    • You fight complacency with your whole heart.
    • You constantly look for business opportunities. What can be next for Factorial?

To whom this role is not for?

Engineers are best led by engineers. And we expect you to be an engineer first, a manager second — that means you're still interested in technology and tinker with it in your free time. All our Engineering Managers ship pull requests and do code reviews from time to time, and we believe that is crucial to ensure that you're not losing contact with your team.

About US 🚀

Factorial is an all-in-one HR Software fast-growing company founded in 2016. Our mission is to help SMEs automate HR workflows, centralize people data and make better business decisions. Currently, serves thousands of customers in over 60 countries all over the world and across industries, it has built a super diverse and multicultural team of over +900 people in Barcelona, Brazil, Mexico, and US offices.🌎

Our Values

  • We own it: We take responsibility for every project. We make decisions, not excuses.
  • We learn and teach: We're dedicated to learning something new every day and, above all, share it.
  • We partner: Every decision is a team decision. We trust each other.
  • We grow fast: We act fast. We think that the worst mistake is not learning from them.

About Factorial

  • Human Resources

  • Barcelona, Spain

  • 50-200

  • 2016

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- A customized space for every employee from where they can manage all their personal information, documents, holidays and other features

- Generate customized reports based on your company data and make better decisions about your workforce and your business

- Assign different managers to your employees and automatically generate your organizational chart

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