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Electrical Engineer in Barcelona or Remote

World Tech Makers

17,000 - €70
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Job Description


1. You are proactive, passionate and empathetic. You love people and meeting new people. You are passionate about doing your best and "wowing" with your work.
2. You are willing to do small and daunting tasks while keeping your ego in check. You are willing to listen, learn and work in a team environment.
3. You will be helping us with the design and development of educational software/hardware. You care about high-quality education and work.
4. You are driven by metrics, strong goals and a sense of urgency to make things happen. You understand the value of time and the work environment of the startup world.


1. You have proven capacity in your field.
2. You can work with people and under pressure.


At World Tech we are shaping how the world learns. We pioneered on-site coding bootcamps in Latin America and have grown our operations to 6 different countries: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, USA and Chile.

What We're Building

Coding bootcamps
We pioneered on-site coding bootcamps in Latin America and are now in 5 locations: Brazil, Mexico, Colombia, Spain, the USA (HQ). We have trained +1000 students since we launched, working with both B2C and B2B revenue models.

Scaling bootcamps
We created which brings top experts to your pocket in real time and in no time. We are making "coding bootcamps" education adaptive combining artificial intelligence algorithms, live classes and 1:1 mentorship sessions you can schedule on-demand. The app is available to use both at the B2C level and at the B2B level, allowing dashboard personalisation and modulation of educational contents.

STEAM education - K12 is a web and mobile technology education platform for children in emerging economies. The application can be accessed with or without the internet. Customisable avatars evolve as children advance within the platform, increasing engagement and providing an adaptive learning experience.

We are rolling out two of our software-based solutions to scale our impact, combining machine learning with maths. We focus on a short-term and long-term approach to education: for children/teenagers/teachers + for young adults and adults.

We are backed by Tim Draper, one of the world's strongest advocates of blockchain technologies and are looking for world class teammates, passionate about education, and willing to create a self-sustainable, profitable and highly impactful organization.

  • Ed Tech

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