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Director of Engineering / Deputy CTO in Berlin


60,000 - €70,000
1.0 - 3.0%
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Job Description is looking for an lead developer capable of functioning at the CTO level to propel the company through the next phase of growth following a recent seed round.

You will directly support, and act on behalf of, our CTO to define and execute on our technology strategy. You will build and lead a team of engineers responsible for implementing and extending our tech stack.

You will consistently attack problems encountered when making human negotiations machine-readable, creating big data sets of negotiation behaviour and architecting an API to integrate automated contract negotiation with third-party platforms.

You’re super comfortable owning an end-to-end technical stack and love making your users happy, but you’re also proudly resourceful and pragmatic - You take what exists and combine it with something built from scratch to get the job done, all while knowing exactly how it fits into the overall strategy.

You know all about:
* PHP frameworks (Symfony/Laravel)
* Front-end frameworks (such as Angular)
* Linux OS provisioning, maintenance and security
* DevOps, service monitoring and development QA

You're awesome at:
* Planning and leading development sprints with a small team (up to 10 devs)
* Making sound architectural decisions to extend our product
* Balancing feature requests from customers with internal business needs
* Articulating our technical product architecture and product vision
* Running internal processes, maintaining SLAs and adhering to security policies

You’ve proven yourself with:
* 10+ years leading engineering teams in startups
* 10+ years of PHP backend development using Symfony/Laravel or a similar framework
* 8+ years of full stack experience using any major frameworks
* 8+ years working with at least two different database engine types (e.g. graph and relational)
* 8+ years setting up and/or maintaining Linux based servers


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