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DevOps & Build Engineer in Madrid

Desilico Labs

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Job Description

Position Overview

Desilico Labs is looking for a DevOps Lead to drive development and operation of our revolutionary approach to virtual fashion and apparel.

At Desilico Labs we take a perfectionist view of the services we offer. We don’t believe a deployment is an event, it is not something that people do it is something that happens. We pride ourselves on having services that are always in a deployable state with the latest capabilities that have been implemented. We are seeking candidates who thrive on bringing order to chaos.

As a DevOps engineer you are part of an emerging and elite group, part of the “Special Forces” that make an organization successful.

You are battle tested and possess deep knowledge learned through years of hands-on experience”. You are the kind of person blends the skills of the business analyst with the technical chops to build the solution.

You believe that building quality into software is everybody's responsibility. You write software tools for fun and even your personal projects are well organized with code and configurations in version control and with fully automated builds and deployments, you believe that building quality into software is everybody's responsibility and you are obsessed with eliminating repetitive manual tasks.

Communications skills are key to success in this role. DevOps is the heart of what we do at Desilico Labs , you represent the front line engaged with customers and partners and collaborating with every team in the company.


  • Day to day operation of large-scale cloud platforms that support mission critical applications for enterprise clients

  • Build and automate our GCP infrastructure, microservices and serverless architectures

  • Design and maintain Continuous Integration (CI) pipelines to support mission critical cloud services

  • Implement monitoring and logging solutions, IaC and solutions that continue to push DevOps practices forward.

  • Advise customers on technical best practices and assist in getting them live with our services

  • Resolve platform and application issues with the development team

  • Design, maintain and improve our security posture and protect our customer’s data and privacy

  • Continuously improve our operations by experimenting with the most cutting-edge technologies

  • Manage best practices for CI/CD including automation of build, test and deployment

  • Maintain the code repositories

Qualifications & Skills

  • 2 - 5 years of relevant experience with DevOps in an Agile software development environment.

  • Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, or a related field.

  • Deep understanding of modern, cloud centric architectures and DevOps principles

  • Experience supporting large scale, production deployments on public clouds

  • Expertise in Linux/Unix systems administration

  • Well versed in the latest container and orchestration technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes

  • Experience architecting and implementing core provider services from GCP, Azure and/or AWS

  • Experience working with tools such as Git, Jira, Redmine, Conan, Jenkins, Ansible, Subversion, Puppet

  • Excellent collaboration skills and a passion for problem solving, with the ability to work alternative coverage schedules

  • Experience with Continuous Integration and Delivery using Gitlab and Jenkins or Google Test pipeline in a multiplatform environment (Linux & Windows)

  • Strong knowledge of the Git version control system

  • Good programming skills (Modern C++, C#, Golang, etc) and scripting languages (bash, Python, etc)

  • Demonstrated experience with CMake build tool

  • Experience with No-SQL databases such as MongoDB



Please send your CV, recommendation letters and code/project demos through LinkedIn or directly to:

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