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Data Engineer in London


55,000 - €77,000
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Job Description

Lyst are looking for a Data Engineer to join our Analytics team and work on the huge data projects that are integral to Lyst’s day to day operations.

Data lies at the heart of everything we do here at Lyst, from understanding our users better to making mission critical decisions.

We record nearly 100 million rows of data a day just from user interactions. To support this volume, we have built our own analytics architecture, predominantly in Python and leveraging the convenience of many cloud services like AWS Redshift, Lambda, CloudFront, S3.

You will work hand in hand with our analysts and data product managers to ensure that our analytics data pipeline is scalable, stable and secure as the business and traffic increases. From re-architecting the pipeline, to building bespoke BI tools you will work on things such as:

Improving our analytics data architecture, ensuring scalability and resilience for all ETL processes.

Streamlining the anomaly detection process across all our data, building tools and processes around it to speed up the required actions to solve any anomalies.

Improving our internal BI tool, Looker, and tools surrounding it to ensure Analysts are able to provide amazing insight to the business.

Understanding the query requirements from our data analysts and optimising our database (table) design to make them faster and more efficient.

Fixing the interesting problems we face in the best way possible; as we are not constricted to tool sets and languages, if you find a solution to a problem that will work better, we'll use your idea. Best idea wins.

Creating a development platform, tools and pipeline that is effective and easy to iterate with.

You'll be comfortable using all of the following:

Python, JavaScript, Django, PostgreSQL, Redis, AWS, Objective-C, Elasticsearch, Docker, Ember.js, RedShift, Pandas, IPython Notebook.


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