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CTO & Co-Founder in Berlin


40,000 - €105,000
25.0 - 40.0%
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Job Description

Taqanu is opening the financial ecosystem for anyone by using a blockchain based digital ID to enable financial inclusion and create equal opportunities.

Taqanu started as an idea inspired by the surge of the European refugee influx and the mishandling of the new arrivals by the European member states. It is a simple financial solution that aims to become a banking service that anyone (anywhere) can access regardless of residency or available documentation. It uses the digital footprint and a person´s phone to identify and authenticate people with a very high degree of accuracy and use this newly created digital ID to onboard people to a banking solution. The self-sovereign digital ID gives the ownership of data to our customers with the use of blockchain technology and encryption.

Among many things Taqanu’s core goal is to set up an #impactfintech framework that not only generates ROI as a key metric but focuses on giving people equal opportunities with the use of innovative technology. Today there are more than 2 billion people without access to finance.

FastCompany, The Economist, ReBank (podcast) - more @

About the Role.

Taqanu is seeking a technical person to lead development of both for technology and technical team.*

Proven track record of cryptography and blockchain technology
Experience with payment rails and/or identity and/or AI space
Background with leading a tech team/company
Api development
Interested to lead an ICO
History with fundraising
Visionary thinking and product understanding
Someone who would sit down to drink a beer on a Friday night to discuss issues like Irma, Climate Change or the latest episode of Rick and Morty
Socially sensitive and want to make this word a little better
Would consider Berlin


About Taqanu

  • Fintech

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