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Chief Technology Officer (CTO) / Website Developer in Barcelona


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Job Description

Who are we?

Globidz is a way of understanding the economy; a start-up aiming to become one of the building blocks of how business in the Law and consultancy sectors will be run in 10 years and beyond. The idea is simple: invite all the freelance lawyers and consultants in the world, as well as leading SMEs in the sector into a marketplace made in the image of a professional-social network and make them compete for clients. For, now it will be lawyers and consultants only, but the future is immense and full of opportunities.

Why work with us?

Are you a top-notch website and app developer, hungry for leaving your mark on the face of the Earth? Are you excited by the opportunity to develop the technological backbone of the next world leader in legal and consultancy e-procurement? Tired of helping others win their battles, instead of fighting your own?

Then, this is your chance. At Globidz, the professional network where business happens for lawyers and consultants, we are looking for our most important technical leader. We are specifically looking for someone willing to put in what it takes to help raise a leading company from the ground up: time, effort, a lot of tech-savviness, a healthy dose of creativity and –at last, but not least– a person who shares our vision of the future.

Our journey will not have an easy start, and that makes it all the better. You will have to work a number of months purely in exchange for equity (same as the rest of the team!) and a lot of healthy entrepreneurial experience, up until the first investment round in six months from launch – moment in which we will be able to start working on a salary basis. All the great things in life take effort; Globidz will be one of the great things in our lives.


CTO (Chief Technology Officer)

Globidz needs a CTO (Chief Technology Officer) able to provide technical leadership to the team. The ideal applicant will have a neck for creating and managing complex multi-user websites, as well as an organized and creative mindset driving him or her to find innovative solutions to technological challenges. If you possess a strong background in website development (and ideally, also in app development) and are looking to leave your mark in the international start-up arena, then this is your chance.

Task description

  • You will be the lead developer in the development of the website and, later, the app.
  • You will be in charge of the technological team as we start hiring new members.
  • You will be in charge of the technological strategy and the implementation of the technological action plan.
  • You will help in the selection of the technological team, as well as in the selection of technological providers.
  • At the moment, you will be partly responsible for managing technological providers.
  • From the moment of launch and up until personnel can be hired for that purpose specifically, you will invest your equal share of work into managing user activity, responding to emails and helping deal with specific customer requests.
  • Other than that, you will assume your generic responsibilities as a share-holder/co-founder at Globidz. Namely, as a company ahead of its time, Globidz requires everyone with leadership positions in it to try and inspire employees and others by merit of our philosophy, work ethic and vision.



Conventionally, a list of very specific requirements would be provided. The fact here is, however, that we are looking for our technological leader. As part of your application, we want you to tell us how you would go about developing our platform. What technologies would you use and how much experience do you have with these technologies? Why would you use them?

We are looking for the right person for the role and the company. If the team of techie experts hired on the occasion of your selection finds your proposal to be sound (technically), and we deem your attitudes, vision, experience and expected level of commitment (time) to match our preferences, you will become that person and your proposal will become the foundation of the technological side of Globidz.

That being said, there are a set of general conditions that will set a general threshold for determining which candidates we will be considering:

  • A minimum of 20 hours a week available (40h is preferable) in the short-term to dedicate into the project. If you are not able to commit 40h a week, it is important to us that you be able to commit to a 40h-a-week schedule at some point in the future.
  • You may be located anywhere in the world. Ideally, however, you will be willing to move to Barcelona (Spain) in the near future (6-months to one-year) upon successful completion of the first investment round.
  • A minimum of 5 years of experience managing and/or creating complex multi-user websites is preferable.
  • Candidates familiar with a number of programming languages will also be given extra consideration.
  • Candidates with experience leading teams will be granted extra consideration.


What we offer

  • A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to become the technological leader of one of the companies that will shake the foundations of the legal and consultancy sectors.
  • A great challenge ahead, fitting only the type of entrepreneur that actually deserves to be successful.
  • Generous rewards in equity up until the first six months’ post-launch.
  • The contractual promise of a competitive salary fitting position and experience.
  • Great learning opportunities! You will be on board with a team of first-order professionals that will change the way you think about business, your work and life.
  • A great deal of awesome experiences ahead.



How to apply

  1. Send your CV and provide 2-3 paragraphs via the LinkedIn EasyApply interface explaining your motivation and what you think makes you “the” person that should lead our technological arm.
  2. Fill out this form:
  3. Do all of this by Saturday, March 31st, midnight (CET).


Get in touch: We will get back to you within 24 hours.


About Globidz

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