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Chief architect in Amsterdam


46,000 - €65,000
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Job Description

Like most pre-Internet business models, the traditional wholesale model is a linear process. Firms buy merchandise, which they push out and sell to customers. Value flows in one direction much like water through a pipe. Net-a-Porter is a pipe. So is Yoox. These type of businesses take on significant inventory risk and have high working capital requirements.

Cirqle, on the other hand, doesn’t simply buy and push out merchandise.

We provide a platform for online retailers and influencers to display and manage items for shoppers to consume with zero inventory risk for Cirqle. Our business model is innovative and we're revolutionising online fashion commerce.

Job Description

Our chief architect will take on all the challenges surrounding the scaleability of our infrastructure. We have built a product that is used by thousands of retailers, publishers and consumers but this is just a beginning.

In the near future we would like to expand on our reporting system, providing our clients with insight into their sales and the behavior of their customers. This will require a number crunching engine that should be quite fun to implement. Another plan of ours is to implement a recommendation engine for our product database, that is why we are looking for an engineer with experience in the field of data processing and machine learning.


Solid understanding of software architecture principles
Ability to implement a well structured REST API
Understanding of how to implement and deploy a scalable, reliable application
Experience with the following, the more you know, the better: Java, AWS, Apache Solr, PostgreSQL, recommendation systems


About Cirqle

  • Ecommerce

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