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CFO - Chief Finance Officer in London

Darlinghurst Enterprises

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Job Description

Looking for someone talented at maths, finance, and accounting to figure out how much we should be charging for each of our products and services, to give everyone extremely firm budgets, to coordinate with the auditing people for our pre-IPO prep period over the next 3 years, and to make sure all bills are paid on time. We have a part-time CFO already but want a full-time one since he’s more interested in helping with the M&A deal than actual day to day corporate finance.

Must be Ivy League educated, fond of sports, disciplined, and possess a strong network in financial services. The ideal candidate will have 95th percentile or better GMAT scores. We’re almost entirely remote except for the factory and the atelier, so you can work from anywhere as long as work gets done on time and under budget. That said, we have offices in Manhattan, LA, Mumbai, and Paris and can get you a private office if you absolutely need to have your own office.

The CFO reports to the CEO, works closely with both the COO and the CPO, and gives crystal clear budgetary guidelines to the CDO on everything from fabric to runway.

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