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60,000 - €95,000
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Job Description

MZ3 is seeking experienced Blockchain Developers who have solid expertise in system/software architecture and delivering scalable enterprise solutions.

Ideal candidates should bring:

- Broad and deep technical knowledge and passion for learning new technologies rapidly and independently are a must-have.
- Broad technical foundation and be able to understand network, operating system, database, and application development design.
- Design and build industry-specific solutions using Blockchain technology
- Contribute to infrastructure setup and solution development in Blockchain and related technologies such as Ethereum, cryptocurrencies and smart contracts.
- Understand functional requirements as applicable to various industries and convert them into system specifications for development.
- Define the development approach and best practices to implement the solutions.
- Design and build Blockchain framework, accelerators, and assets.
- Document development artifacts and best practices.
- Mentor team members, review code artifacts and provide technical guidance.
- 5+ years of hands-on experience in Java/C#/Python/Golang.
- 3+ years’ experience in application development and systems implementation.
- 1+ years experience in Blockchain research, understanding and solution development.
- Experience in NodeJS, GIT repositories, open-source tools &technologies.
- Very good understanding of Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies (Bitcoin or others), various consensus protocols.
- Experience in development on one of the Blockchain platforms like Hyperledger, Ethereum, R3 Corda, Ripple, Neo,
- Experience in the development of applications using distributed applications framework like Meteor, Multichain, etc.
- Basic understanding of cryptography, symmetric/asymmetric (public/private key), hash functions, encryption/signatures.
- Experience with distributed systems and protocol design
- Experience with RDBMS, NoSQL or distributed databases
- Strong understanding of Algorithms and Data Structures
- Understanding of secure software development practices

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